Saturday, November 27, 2010

we got a walker....

Since having her first birthday, I think I have gotten away from the whole "16th" thing.. but there will still be "Abbie blogs" once in a while. And as babies do, she is growing into a real little kid and each day brings something new.

She is very good about entertaining herself, whether with her toys or playing in her "fort". The dining room table makes a perfect place to hide!!! and of course, to have your very own "guard dog" (Hunter) at the "gate" will certainly keep the "bad guys away"

Now the walking thing has been in the works for weeks. Abbie is more than ready to take those first steps, but just not brave enough to do it.

Even bribes didn't quite do the trick....

And then, one day, without thinking... that was it... she is off and nearly running!!!!!

Everything belongs to Abbie... including the dog's crates!!!

And that little pidder padder of feet is heard all around the house. Anything that is lower than two feet is no longer safe!!!! The world of the "waddler" has begun!!!!

first "real" snow

Yesterday was "black Friday"... now I'm not one of those folks who need to brave the stores on this day, but I don't discredit the folks who do enjoy going. It just isn't "my thing" is all. However, I was up and out the door early in the morning. I needed to meet up with a client who's dog I was going to be boarding, so I decided to go a little early, and take Ginger with me.

The weather had a little surprise for us... a nice little sleet storm had come thru and covered everything with a layer of ice. Fortunately, it was just a light coat, so no trees were broken and the power stayed on... but it made for some interesting driving in places. Slow and steady is what winter driving is all about.

As I said, since I was meeting up with a client in the parking lot of our local Walmart, I thought it might be a good chance to take Ginger on her first public outing. Walmart has a Dunkin Donuts in it, right near one of the front doors, so while I sat and had a coffee.. Ginger sat and watched all the shoppers go by. As you can imagine, "everyone" had to talk with her, and at this stage of her service dog training, I encourage them to pet her (which is NOT to be done with a trained dog). But since you always need a service dog to be confident and friendly, these first few public outings are very important and certainly set the tone for the days to come. Ginger thought this was a great outing, and once my coffee was done, we were on our way. I must say, I do have my opinions of Walmart.. but as a place where service dogs are more than welcomed and giving a puppy a chance to see the "world" they are beyond super!!!!

My Mom's birthday was yesterday as well and the evening found us traveling down to celebrate the day with her. I always feel so blessed that I have both my parents... they continue to enjoy good health, and I look forward to many more years with us all together.

We made this a whole family celebration. Naomi is getting used to the idea of having a cousin that can "do things"now. She isn't the baby of the family anymore, and I must say, she is quite patient with Abbie. It's nice that they are fairly close in age, since neither of them have siblings.. I guess they can be "sisters" to each other.

My niece Kelsey is so great with these little ones. She certainly has a knack for being with them. And look at this baby... she is in love with cell phones. The really funny thing is, when she has one, she doesn't hold it up to her ear.... she opens it up and using her thumbs...begins to "text"!!!! This certainly gives you an idea of "where this generation" is going.

Four generations in this photo.........

And on Saturday (today) I guess we can say we got the first "official" snow. It was just a dusting really than came thru in a snow squall... but it left about a quarter of an inch. Course, you know one little puppy that just had to get outside and experience her first snow!!!

Like Chester puppy last year, Ginger had a grand time in this "white stuff" that covered the ground. I don't expect that it will stay around for long... but it's a sign of things to come.....