Monday, March 23, 2009

NEADS dog, Posie...

This beautiful service dog is "Posie"... a dog that went thru a number of my obedience classes with her puppy raiser, Kathleen. Posie recently graduated from "NEADS" and has now been matched with a little gal.
If I remember correctly.. Posie is the 12th service dog that Kathleen has raised, and she is currently working with her next "service dog" , a black lab named Harvey.
I am always so amazed at wonderful people like Kathleen, who so willing raises these puppies for 14 (or so) months, and then turns them over for further training and starts again with a new puppy!!! Such a great gift to offer to people who's lives are truly changed because of these great dogs!!! "congratulations... to Kathleen and Posie, for a job very well done!!!" (and I am so very excited to be working with you and Harvey!)