Sunday, March 18, 2012

spring graduation....

Today, we loaded up and moved 'em out...heading to the Spring graduation for NEADS!!! I couldn't get over the weather... absolutely no more snow, and almost 70 degrees!!! Last year when we attended spring graduation, we had close to three feet of snow and it was eight degrees (check out the blog!!!) Norton was all excited and ready for the road trip which included humans - Ed and I, Rick and Kelli, Linda, Bernice and Kathleen... and k9's Norton, Camille, Otis and Monty.

We decided to "eat first" and stopped at our favorite Cracker Barrel. They were surprised to see us on a Sunday - we usually stop there on our "Thursday check in" day. They were busy and so we had to do a bit of waiting... Otis tried to show Monty how it was done.

And how to do "under" as well... but Monty, well being just four months old... he has some practicing to do on this one!!! (that's OK Monty - you'll get it!!!)

He was happy to have "Mom Kathleen" take him back and laid quietly - almost like a big dog until we were called in. I have to say, three service puppies under the table we as good as gold and no one even knew they were there.

We arrived at graduation and felt like celebrities entering the room. The Maine group!!!! All our puppies got oodles of attention, and then it was time to go and watch the real stars... the graduates. Gerry opened the ceremonies....

Camille paid careful attention............

But when she head they were "just talking about service dogs", she decided napping with Norton was a better idea. As "usual" there were so many good stories from the graduates, and I will never get tired listening to all the stories that people love to share about their dogs.

this is Lynn... her puppy Gem was one of the graduates... she now has Checkers as her new puppy... (I think he likes his Mom, look at that attention!!!!)

I got to meet someone very special... this is Susan and she is Norton's sponsor!!!! Norton has met her many times before, so he was very happy and goofy when he saw her. (Susan is a new blog reader... so a special hello going out to you!!!!) She was very pleased with "her" puppy and happy to have the chance to meet up with him once again. These puppies are so lucky.. they have so many people who support them along their journey to service dog work.

We visited with many friends, met some new ones and just had a day of celebration and joy. Norton was exhausted by the end of the day!!! And was more than glad to accept Bernice's invitation to spread out on the back seat and take a well earned rest.

Being a "service dog"..... is hard work!!!!