Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hello snow!!!

well, it really isn't that much to talk about... but it is the first of the season, and with Thanksgiving just a couple days away, it really does start "the holidays." I didn't think we would get any snow today, the weather man said that "inland" would get maybe an inch, but it would all turn to rain on the coast. So, I was pretty excited to see it coming down, though it looks a little strange with my autumn wreath and pumpkin by the door ( notice NO deployment flag!!!) and with just a rise of a degree or two, it will quickly change over to rain.

Ed and I went out to the barn to do chores and give out some lunch. The paddock looked so pretty with the white covering and the trees look just as handsome!!! "Everyone" was snug in the barn waiting for their lunch.....

Well, almost everyone!!! I told Mocha that a smart horse would know to get in from the snow, but she only gave me a look that said "oh please... only sissy horses have to stay inside when it's snows!!!" Besides she has the thickest coat in the barn, so maybe she is just showing it off!!! I don't think I will need to worry about her being cold this winter!!!

We saw the first of the "timber plans" this morning. The company that we are pretty certain we'll use, sent their rep out with the sketches of the framing. It's pretty basic as far as timber frames go, but we have a few things to ponder and of course, are a little anxious to see what this is going to price in at. It would be nice if it turns out like the barn has.... Ed ordered the lumber for that, and it came in a bit under of what we thought... nice surprise!!!! The lumber is being delivered to Acton on Friday.....pretty exciting!!!!

Cam and Hunter are doing well, both are feeling much better after their surgery/illness which makes me very happy. So, looks like all is good on the homefront.....