Tuesday, August 19, 2008

fall whispers

"I am coming!!!!"

my riding instructor

Many of you, from reading my blog, "know" about my instructor, Laura. Well, last week ... Laura and her horse, Oscar competed in their first Grand Prix. I still don't really understand all the scoring that goes with dressage, but from what I understand, they did very, very well.
Oscar is a horse that Laura foaled... raised and trained... and in case you might be wondering... he was born without a tail!!!! but that certainly doesn't have anything to do with his talent!!!
It is very unlikely that Tonka and I will ever ride to this level.... but it sure is fun to watch (and dream)....

look who comes for dinner

Well, the "barn kitties" have still been among the missing... though our neighbor has called and said that he spots Sammy every so often. Annabelle on the other hand ... has not been seen.

Ed and I have an anniversary coming up at the end of the week, so, I went and bought him a "wild life camera"...he had seen one that some friends had, and commented that it would be "neat" to have up on the farm. I couldn't wait to give it to him, and last night, he set it up in the barn to see what he could "catch"

It is Miss Annabelle!!!! and from the times that are noted on the camera (a really neat feature it comes with) it turns out that she is never very far from the barn and almost appears the moment we leave.

She went in and out of the barn several times during the night, and the last shot of her this morning, was moments before Ken walked in for the day. The camera is so quiet that the animals don't even know it's there..... look at her stretching after having a good meal.

I am little concerned that Sammy never showed up on film, so we have left the camera there again tonite just to see "what's up" while we are away.

Ed is going to have great fun with this camera... and we'll be sure to share any of those "great wildlife photos" that we catch......


Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England is having a "cutest pet (cocker) picture contest".. the winners are put into their 2009 calendar. I told Kas that she should enter Charlie.... not only because he is a cocker...but she and Nate adopted him thru "CSRNE". So, we are asking everyone to please "vote for Charlie". Now, you do have "donate" $2.00 per vote, all proceeds go to CSRNE, so it is for an excellent cause...
look for Charlie's picture, click on and you can do it thru paypal..... let's please help other cockers find good homes... and make Charlie a "calendar dog!!!!" Thanks..........................