Friday, March 06, 2009

friends and food

We woke to bright sunshine and mild temps this morning, and as we were heading to the car for a day of fun... Kas and I noticed this beautiful flower!!!

OK.. so it's a dandelion... a weed, but it's bright yellow smile just caught our attention... I am ready for bright yellow "weeds" to appear at home!!!

The girls took a little time to themselves and got their nails done while I "babysat" little Maya. (basically we walked around the stores window shopping) she was so good for me, and was very interested in all the things around her.

After that, Mandi had made arrangements for many of Kassy's friends to meet at the local pizza place for lunch and a chance to visit. Maya was all for having pizza for lunch!!! but she will need some teeth before handling that piece of pizza!!!

Kas was able to catch up on all the latest news...she misses this part of living in Jacksonville... all these wonderful friends, and of course the weather!!!

We went onto the base in the afternoon, it was fun to see it again. I always enjoyed going there when we visited. Did a little shopping for some gifts and we had a nice time poking around.

Tonite's menu......

more food!!!

What a great way to spend the day... good friends, good food... beautiful weather...

what more could you ask for???