Sunday, March 18, 2007


Kass has been working on a couple of different projects lately... knitting is one, and sewing is another. She wanted to make something that Nate will be able to take with him on his deployment, and decided that a picture pillow might be just the thing.
It's a cute idea. The pillow is just big enough that Nate will be able to stuff into his "sea bag" , Kass picked out a number of pictures and transferred them onto the pillow, so that not only is it comforty to rest on, but fun to look at as well.

Just so it won't get too "beat up" traveling half way around the world, I made a slip cover for it, and that way the pictures should stay clean and be safe. We had a fun time working together, and I know Nate will appreciate the thought and love that went into it.

Kass has also nearly finished her first "felted bag" (knitting project) and it has come out well. I got one done too!!! And believe it or not... I am in the process of making a little lamb, which is also felted. IF it comes out OK, I think I will give it to Naomi for Easter... can't wait to see it finished. This "knitting thing" has me hooked!!! and as I figured... another list of projects that I can't wait to try.

I am suppose to start Tonka's training this week (just watching that weather isn't too cold, and making sure I can pull the trailer out of the snow!!) ...... it's time for spring projects!! I think winter can go away now..................