Wednesday, April 28, 2010

just things...

As hoped, we got the "grouting" done yesterday. I think this part of the tiling was the "worse".. and fortunately, Ed took the reins on this one. It's tricky getting the grout in between the tiles just right, and it's messy. We found that if we (he) did a few rows at a time, let it sit, and then we wiped the extra off the tiles... it did go better.

We let the whole floor sit for 24 hours, and I then I went over it with a soft cloth and buffed off the rest. A quick damp mop.. and the floor looks amazing... one down... three to go!!!

I have finally found the "right" color for my sewing room. I wanted to have a gold color in here, but found out that "gold" can be tricky!!! I would find that perfect little paint sample card thing.. hang it on the wall for a couple of day... and then go buy the small jar of "sample paint". Put it up, and think "oh no.. this isn't it". I am so grateful that the store has those small samples to buy, I hate to think what it would have cost to have gallons of gold that I did not like. But lucky number 5 finally hit the color I had been looking for. I got one coat up yesterday and as soon as I get off this silly computer, will be going to get the second coat up... and that.. will be ALL the walls painted in the downstairs (still have windows and trim to do!!!)

We had visitors at the farm yesterday as well. My brother in law, John and niece Naomi came to see what we were up to. Naomi was anxious to visit all the critters in the barn.

Beeker heard us coming and came right over for a visit. She is a "people bird" for sure... she even comes when I call (and I have witnesses that will attest to that!!)

At first Naomi was nervous around Beeker... she got "attacked" by a rooster and the chickens make her jumpy. But when she saw how gentle Beeker is .... she tried to make friends with her.

A little riding whip kept the other chickens at bay, and once Naomi found she could have some control over them, she felt much better being at the barn.

It was just starting to rain so Naomi felt that the chickens should all be inside. Using her "weapon" (as she called it) she herded everyone in and they were all safe and sound as the weather came in.

Oh no.... looks who's mobile now!!! Sadie tried Abbie in her little "scootie" and it didn't take her too long to figure this one out. I am suddenly seeing all the things that need to go up a bit higher.

She looks pretty pleased with all this freedom stuff.. and I have a feeling that the adults will forever be on the run now!!!!