Saturday, January 24, 2009

more farm news...

So, look has turned into Miss Social!!! I simply can not believe the change in Annabelle, every day she is friendlier.... she will allow me to pick her up (not for long) and likes to sit on the wagon seat and keep track of all that goes on. She has a "new game" of hiding under the wagon and jumping out at you!!!! Usually this is pretty funny, but there have been a few times, where I had a rake full of manure and being jumped at, has found that rake full all over the barn floor! She gets great enjoyment out of that!!!

The showers and tub arrived this week, they looked strange sitting out on the "front lawn"...but, this is the time to get them in.. before the walls are done. They aren't very fancy, just a basic white color, but both shower stalls have "seats" in them.

It is our plan to be in this house for a very long time, so we have tried to plan "ahead" in that the showers are easy access, the down stairs door openings are wider, and we can put a washer/dryer on the first floor, as well as a bedroom. I'm not excited about the truth that, we are at the very (VERY) beginning of those "golden years", but if thinking ahead now makes it easier later.. I hope we are just being "smart"....

It took all four of the guys to get those showers in!!! I'm glad Ed didn't think that he and I could do it!!!

The second wall of the garage has gone up. I remember last winter when the barn was in "this stage"... it looked so huge and out of portion, so I'm not panicked when I see this. Rough framing looks so very different from the final product... at least to me.

There is no doubt that this IS a big garage... it's four car to start with, but Ed designed the ceiling to be high with the idea that he will be able to do some restoration projects in it. He has a couple of antique trucks that he would like to do over, and he needs a high building to bring the trucks in. I am just hoping that he will finally have a place for all his stuff!!!!