Saturday, April 16, 2011

steps for Steph

Saturday morning, bright and early.. found us in the middle of a huge and wonderful crowd. It was the annual MS walk in Portsmouth. Kas knows a marine's wife who is dealing with this disease, and in honor of "Steph" several teams from different areas were (are) walking in her name. So, Kas put together a "steps for Steph" team and we walked in our area. I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but certainly this "crowd" was impressive.. and I learned later that 485 people took this walk.

The route was five miles, all were welcomed.. kids, strollers, wagons... and dogs!!! so, nothing doing, I brought Camille and Ginger along, Kas and Nate had Charlie and Banjo, and Sadie came with Tatter... quite a dog crew to be sure. The kids loved seeing the dogs, and them likewise. I had Ginger wear her vest, because who knows.... one day she could be matched with some who has MS... you never know.

Here is the team!!! We were walking for Steph, but we were walking for anyone and everyone who battles with MS. The day had been predicated as "rainy and cold", but we lucked out (though the Washington DC walk did not fare so well.. and that team did walk in the rain!!!)

And here we go!!! For the most part the team stuck together, even though there were fast walkers and slower walkers... the route that was planned was great. Walking thru Portsmouth gave us much to see, and for Ginger lots of exposure to all sorts of things. I worried a little about Camille doing the whole walk, but she hiked right along, as did Charlie and Tatter. The bigger dogs were fine.

Ginger found this stick and carried it for quite a ways......

But, at the end of the route, there was no doubt, she was tired - we all were tired!!! However, a beautiful spring day, a pretty city to walk.. and over 1700.00 earned just by our team... made it all worth while.

Cheers to Steph - though I have never met her - and best wishes and good thoughts to all for whom this day was done.