Sunday, October 11, 2009

just pics

busy holiday weekend...

Columbus Day weekend!!! and so far, it's been busy!!! I was thinking the other day that every month has a holiday, whether it be major or minor, except for the month of August... think it over and let me know!!! Anyways, the weather has been cool/cold, but beautiful, the leaves are in full color and the sun has been bright.. the horses sure do love this weather - no bugs!!!! They spend as much time as they can out grazing, they know the days are getting shorter and I think they are preparing for the winter months ahead.

Pulled Mocha out on Friday afternoon and did a bit of driving with her. She hasn't been out since my day with Deb and Alice in the woods. I wondered how she might go, but there were no worries. She was absolutely perfect... such a joy to drive!!! Ed even took her for a little spin up and down the drive... my "next project" will be to get the "big boys" going as well as Mocha does, but it's all a work in progress!!! Friday evening we had Rick over for supper, Kelli is away and we didn't want Rick to be all alone!!! We had such a nice evening together, and the time flew by!!!!

Saturday was "dock day", I had been watching the weather report, and "was told" that Saturday would be the warmest day of the weekend. Well, it didn't start out very warm, plus there was a good wind blowing across the lake all day. Nate (and Kas) Dave (and Deb) arrived in the afternoon to give us a hand ---- BLESS THEM!!! The wind did die down slightly as Nate and Dave jumped into the water. They were so brave, but that water was COLD!!! I keep telling Ed that we should pull the docks on Labor Day weekend, but he just can't bring himself to wrap summer up that early. Course, if our "dock help" ever decides differently..he might not have a choice!!!!

The "new" docks are much lighter than the old wooden ones we used to have... but there really isn't anything "light" about them, and hauling them up on the shore required a real family effort. but, they're put away now and after today's weather (in the 40's and a real good wind blowing) we did chose the "better" day. -- thanks again everyone, we just can't do this job without all of you!!!!! We went to the "pub" for dinner and again, another evening that flew by.
This morning Ed and I went to church - Sadie was feeling a bit "punky" (her due date is tomorrow) so we left her home to rest. And after church, Ed thought it would be a good afternoon to mow our field. So, he put the mower deck on the tractor, hooked up his I-pod and was off mowing.

I puttered around the barn, doing chores and the like, and Betty came by for a visit. She hasn't had the chance to come to the barn in quite a while, so it was so nice to have the afternoon with her.

For sometime now, I have had in my mind, that I would like to have Camille drive in the cart with Mocha and I. So, today, after I made a few trips with Mocha, I got Camille and took her in the cart with us. She was quite good, and actually seemed to enjoy the ride once she got used to the idea. She sat quietly on the floor board (she wasn't too excited about sitting up on the seat) and actually it worked out better for me as well. So, it turns out that I might have a "driving dog" as well as a driving horse!!!!

We finished up around 5:00, and it was getting to feel rather cold. I tucked everyone into the barn, and Ed had finished mowing the field...

It was home to light the woodstove, have some supper, blog... and then maybe some popcorn and a good movie will be the perfect way to close the day....

Still on baby watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!