Friday, January 19, 2007

it's a houseful

It's not that uncommon for us to have a few dogs around here. Having "five" of my own is a good start, but there are a number of folks who use me for dog sitting. Ever since I was a little girl, having lots of dogs was always my wish.... looks like this one has come true. And it's nice that they're not here all the time and that I have different ones... just to keep things interesting.

This weekend we have.... Moxie, Marley, Mandy, Trevor, Tazzy, Tatter, Hunter, Hannah, Camille and Sophie!!!! All are cockers!!! There are two brown and whites, four ascobs, two blacks, a black and white and a black and tan... I think we have all colors covered!!!!!

Dinner time is always interesting as well... each dog has their own special diet, keeping all that kibble sorted out can be fun... you should see the bowls lined up on the counter waiting to be filled... let alone all the cockers on the floor waiting to "be filled"......

Finally the pen is a little less icy, so I have been letting them out together (wouldn't do that earlier in the week, for fear that racing around could cause some serious injuries!!!) They have a ball together, racing and running. I need to try and get a picture of them!!!

So, great fun for the weekend!! a houseful of cockers!!!!