Wednesday, April 29, 2009

busy days...

Yesterday was as hot as an August day!!! not that I'm complaining mind you... it was a long winter... but to go from 60's to 90's is a bit of a shock on the "system". Mocha and I had another day at pre-school, so bright and early we were loading up once again. Of all our horses, she certainly get the gold star for loading in the trailer... she hops right on!!!

The children were as excited as the previous group had been. But one little gal was VERY excited. Kassy tells me that she has a real love for horses, and the look on her face when she saw Mocha was priceless!!! She was simply happy to be around Mocha, but when she found out that she was going to ride as well.... I guess the smile on her sweet little face will tell you everything. (she smiled like this the whole time!!!)

I think she could have spent the entire day just brushing and "being" with our little horse. This is definitely a young equestrian in the making!!! and I dare say, it won't be a day that she will soon forget. This is why I like doing these sorts of things with Mocha... actually with any of our animals... sometimes, it might be the only way that some kids can enjoy such things!!!!

Today the weather was more seasonable. I putter around the farm and even took some time to get the garden started. My pumpkins were beginning to out grow their box, so I had to get them outside!!! I also put in our "Indian corn" , some sunflowers and a rhubarb plant that Deb gave to me. We have some other seeds to get in, but I'm going to wait just a bit to be sure that we are free of possible frosts.

Ken and crew were back today. They are working on the little front porch that will probably end up being the main entry into the house.

I keep forgetting that the "grade" is going to come up a lot in the front. Ken looks like he is working on a "mole" hill, but that is how far we have to bring the earth up around the house. Fortunately, we have great big piles of earth just waiting to be put into place.

I also got Camille groomed today for the shows this weekend... so the day was busy and flew by!!! And I would like to send out a "get well soon" wish to our friend (woodman/dog student) Rick... he's a bit under the weather right now, so maybe today's blog will give him something to read ....