Wednesday, August 06, 2008

the "end" of summer (sorry)

Well, "it" arrived just this past week... the premium list for our local fair... the "Acton" fair to be exact... fair season is beginning.... the true mark of the end of summer and onto the fall. Now, I enjoy doing "hand work" (cross stitch, quilting, needlepoint, knitting, etc) and I usually have a piece or two that I enter into the fair each year,,but with all that has gone on (barn building, moving) I haven't accomplished much. Though there might be something in my "done" box, that I could pull out and have framed or "whatever" to put in the fair. (guess I better check that out!!!)

I am, however, going to enter a photo... this photo, that I took when we visited the Amish country.. I figured with the horses and the buggies, it might win the approval of the judges... it needs to be at least an 8x10 and framed, so I did that yesterday, and it looks pretty nice in a larger copy.

The other thing that they do at the fair... is each year they have a contest... they give you a patch of material and a theme, and you need to come up with a quilt square. When your square is done, you mail it in, and they put it into a quilt. Then the squares are judged, after that, everyone who has made a square, has their name placed in a hat, and who ever wins the drawing, gets the quilt. This year's theme was "down on the farm".... well... I saw in the premium book that my square took third this year!!!!! so, I am pretty pleased about that, and cant' wait to see the quilt at the fair and see what others came up with for ideas. I would love to win that quilt, especially this year, since we are moving to our farm!!! time will tell I guess, but I have already decided that I will pick a patch and try next's years quilt as well.

They also have a couple of "in hand" classes that would be great fun to enter Tonka or Mocha in.... but, you need an insurance policy on them.. and I honestly don't have the time right now to get either one ready... next year.. that might be another story!!!!

well, off to see if I can fill up some boxes..............