Monday, December 14, 2009

the life of Jesus....

A local church and a private collector of these porcelain figurines set up this whole display honoring the life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We had heard that it was a "not to be missed" event, so Saturday night, we went to see it. Even though these pictures are pretty good, it really doesn't do justice...but I am so glad that we went to see it, and definitely a great way to celebrate Christmas.

"they" started us out in Bethlehem with the arrival of Mary and Joseph... and wanted to show that Bethlehem was just a normal little town, going about it's business with no idea of the great happenings yet to come...

(so much detail.. I could have spent hours there)

then the moved us to the arrival of the wise men and the run in with King Herod...

the flight to Egypt to save "baby Jesus" from the slaughter of Kind Herod

and several "scenes" later, the celebration of "Palm Sunday" when Jesus rode a colt into the city

the last supper (with a bit of artistic flare)

and the crucifixion

and the celebration.. "For He is not here, He has arose as He has said that He would"

"For God so loved the world that He sent His Only Son, and he that believe will have ever lasting life".......

party & movie

On Wednesday, when we had all the snow, my women's church group was not able to come to the camp for their Christmas gathering, I was disappointed to say the least, because I do enjoy entertaining during the holidays (well, anytime for that matter, but especially during the holidays) However, the weather did clear and so the next day (Thursday) we were able to have the dog club Christmas party in the barn. (which by the way, was cancelled LAST year due to the ice storm!!!)

the nice thing about holding this party in the barn (where I teach dog classes) is that there is plenty of room for everyone. We usually get a pretty good crowd for this event, as the members bring their spouses and friends. We do it potluck style which is a guarantee that there will be LOTS of good food!!! The meeting is always a very short one, because it's nice just to have social event and catch up and talk - at regular meetings, you may not always have that time.

After the meeting and the "eats", it's onto our mystery auction. We bring wrapped gifts with clues and then bid on them. (and we donate the money to a "cause" of our choice).. this always brings a lot of laughing, because the gifts can be anything, so you just never know. I hit the jack pot this year though, and got a painting portrait. Maxine is quite an artist and she put in a gift certificate to do a painting of your dog.... and I won it!!! I have a couple of her paintings so I was very happy to get this one!!!

Course, baby Abbie came to visit for a bit. Kassy watched her so that Sadie could enjoy the bulk of the party, and brought her up later for everyone to see.

She was a big hit, especially with some of the little gals that were there. It so nice to see "kids" at the party... when I first joined the club, I (along with a couple of others) was the "new" Mom.. and now, dare I say, there is another new group of "little ones" showing up.....

Abbie was slightly less than impressed with all the fussing and fell asleep... she won't be like this next year!!! Sadie will more than likely be on her feet!!!

On Saturday, my sister Rachel had "all the Mom's and kids (cousins)" get together to go and see a movie. This was Naomi's very first movie and so it was a big event. We saw the "Princess and the Frog" and Naomi was just awed by the size of the movie screen!!! It was so much fun to just have some "family time" and do something all together.... we need to continue to do these types of things.

It wasn't Abbie's first movie (she had gone to the Christmas Carol) but she certainly was "more awake" for this one, and actually sat and watched the movie for a bit.

and then, all too soon it was over, and we were dashing off in our separate directions.....
me to bell practice