Wednesday, March 11, 2009

gettin' ready

Tomorrow begins the riding (lesson) season for me, so yesterday I dug out my tack, checked it all over and gave it a good cleaning!!! I'm excited to get back to my riding lessons, Tonka and I always learn something new to practice and it "keeps me honest" in my work. Nothing like your trainer keeping her eye on you and pointing out your "weak spots"....

It will also give Tonka a weekly chance to be on the trailer and we will be trucking quite a bit further now... instead of a 20 minute ride, it will now be an hour. But, I think it's good for a horse to be comfortable in a trailer .. you never know when or where you might have to ship them. His loading skills can be "if-y" so the more we do the better.

I had "forgotten" what mud season is like on the farm!!! Don't misunderstand, I am waiting for spring with baited breath... but, one thing for certain, my boots won't be "retiring" anytime soon!!!

and if anyone is dropping by the farm over the next six weeks or so... be sure you bring your boots along!!!!

And look what the guys began yesterday....


Course this morning I woke about 4:30 to hear sleet pelting on the sky lights!!! "They" said we were in for a day of "wintery mix".. sleet, snow and rain.. which is just what it has turned out to be. As I blog away, it has just turned over to rain.. so, the guys won't be up today. It's suppose to end by the afternoon and turn off cold...
guess it's what March is all about!!!!