Thursday, March 08, 2007

mini Nate

Kass found a place where you can mail in a picture of your marine and have it made into a little doll, so that when your marine is away from you in body... he can still be with you in spirit and in "mini form"... thus "we" have a mini Nate!!!

The real Nate is still in California, but when he is away from us, mini Nate will be stepping in. We gave"mini Nate" a trial run a few weekends ago, when our families got together at the Chinese restaurant in Exeter (one of Nate's favorites). The "Daddies" thought that Nate would enjoy having a drink with them. I'm not sure if "mini Nate" liked the drink
that was chosen for him, but he must have appreciated the
paper umbrella. Though looking at this picture,
the drinks are about the size of "mini Nate"... seems like a lot of "drink" to me.

Kass is planning on keeping a journal, (with pictures of course,) of all the things that mini Nate will be doing this summer. Then when the real Nate arrives home, he will have the chance to see all the things that he "got to do" while he was away. I think I will do the same and on the blog you will all see, every now and again, the adventures of "mini Nate". Of course, we would much rather have our real Nate with us, but while he ( and thousands of other men and women) do the proudest job they can do for us and our country... we will just have to take "mini Nate" along!!!!!