Friday, July 10, 2009

workin' on the farm...

I still think blogging without photos is boring.. but since we are still waiting for the computer to come home from the "hospital" (hopefully one day next week).. guess blogging needs to continue without the pics. I can "edit" the stories later, and add photos when the other computer is up and running, so I guess that is what I will do.
We are back to work at the farm (ya!!!) Ken is working with Ed again, it's nice to have him back. He and Ed really work well together and they can get a lot done in a day. This week, they got the trim board put up around the garage doors, and are preparing the foundation for cement work. Since we insulted our foundation, we need to cover up the foam boards on the outside with cement. There's a lot of prep work that needs to be done, and with two days lost to rain, they didn't get any cement up this week, but hopefully that will be done next week.

We also had another "gift" of dirt offered to us. They're doing work around the post office, and are pulling out some dirt.. good dirt... a man came to farm and wanted to know if we would like some "fill"... Ed was happy to take it. Course, for me, all I see is another pile of dirt waiting to go into place.. those piles "bug" me, but I know that in time, everything will get settled into place, and any dirt that we don't' have to buy is a real gift.

Today, Sadie and I got the "electrical shed" stained. It was one of those projects I wanted done before the driving clinic that I didn't get to. We doing it up so it will have the same paint scheme that the big barn has. We still have the trim and doors to do, but the bulk of the building is done, the weather is suppose to stay nice, so I am in hopes that I can get it finished over the weekend. However, there's a good chance we will be bringing hay in ... We thought we saw "Father" cutting the high side of the field today, and if that's the case, we'll be going to get that.

The three remaining keets are doing well. They seem to be growing every day and are eating up a storm, that's good news.

Our turkey's are really growing.. we will need to be thinking about that outside pen real quick!!! Sadie is so funny with these chicks.. she loves to go into their pen and sit with them,I'm not so sure I would appreciate them climbing all over me, but she thinks it's pretty funny. Another couple of weeks, and I doubt she'll do that, they'll be too big!!!!
And our dear friend Rick, came one afternoon this week to give us a hand at clearing out some trees.(he has also left his commercial chipper with us... goodness that thing can chew up some trees!!!) Sadly he got rained out, but for the time he had, he got a good jump on that project!!! One thing for sure, there's is always something do to!!!!

Ed has had a couple meetings this week with regards to the Chief position. He is really looking forward to all of this, but I have a feeling he will be quite busy with that as well. I am happy for him, it gives him something other than the farm to think about all the time.