Monday, June 18, 2007

are we there yet???

after a very fun and busy Saturday... Sunday was just the same!!! Bright and early.. Deb, Dave, Kassy, Sadie, Ed and I headed to Casco to pick up the new babies!!! For the most part, the ride was uneventful... except for Hunter. Poor dog, he had something "going" with his tummy and had me up a few times in the night. I thought it would be best to bring him along, just in case he needed to "get out"... which did happen several times along the way!!!!

We arrived "home" safe and sound and the horses unloaded, took a good look around, and seemed to know that "we were there". Dave's new boy looks pretty happy in his new place. His name is Bobby, but I am thinking that Dave might be changing that to "Buddy", his puppy dog attitude is amazing!!

And here we are, the Moms, with our new babies!! Deb's little mare is Alice (Allie) and I have decided to call ours Mocha... her original name of Summer, just doesn't seem to suit her... I think she looks a little more like a Mocha!!!

Look at her here with her "new" Daddy!!! Ed really enjoys being with the horses, I can't wait to see him up on the farm where the horses will be a part of everyday life!!!

You can really get the idea of just how tiny she is standing here beside Ed!!! She measures 31.4 inches at the shoulder, and is registered with the American Miniature Horse Association. I will re-register her in our names, and Deb will be able to register her little mare soon. In order to make the registration, they can not be bigger than 34 inches.

I have already been scouting out tack for Mocha. She has done pony rides and drives, so I am certain we will be doing those sort of things with her. I can't believe how "cheap" mini tack is compared to what it has cost for Tonka Boy!!! AND... Deb and I have already made some plans to take Allie and Mocha to the parade on the 4th of July and walk them in it.... so, the busy part of summer has begun.... looks like its going to be full of fun!!!!!


As promised by her Daddy.... Sadie got to drive our 1966 Thunderbird to her graduation!!! This is a very special car, as it was originally bought by Ed's Mom, brand new, back in 1966!! A number of years ago, Kay gave the car to Ed and he has carefully cared for it, keeping it in storage and bringing it out only on the sunniest of days and/or special occasions, graduation being one. Sadie did a fine job of driving and we had a fine ride over!!!

But, graduation was only the start of a very busy, very fun weekend!!

We also had the celebration of Naomi's first birthday!! Here is a great shot of the cousins all together!!! With such busy schedules, this is a rare treat, so I wanted to get the shot while I could!!!

Naomi was so good with all the attention .. it was a big party! Tons of good foods... LOTS of gifts for a very special little girl, and a enjoyable time shared with friends and family!!!