Thursday, September 22, 2016

first day of fall.....

I had some special company come today.. this first day of fall.... first came Kass, Reagn and Calvin... first things first when Reagan arrives, walk up to the barn and check everything out. Mona met us along the way, and Reagan was thrilled that Mona "allowed" him to pick her up. 
This past summer both Kassy's kitties went missing. First it was Linus their big yellow cat and then little Nora... who, had been threw so much with Kass... Nate's deployments, moving back and forth to North Carolina... then moving home, babies... dogs... so even though Linus is very much missed... Nora is really missed. And Reagan especially misses his kitty. I don't think Kass was really thinking of getting another one, but now has, and so they are on the search for just the right one. 

In the meantime, Reagan was so happy to be able to play with Mona. She is so patient and just hung on while Reagan carried her about....

And look who is officially sitting up and beginning to think about moving around. Moving is good, but it's going to get even busier for Kass what she has two little ones running about!!!

After the trek to the barn, and Mona.. it was time to pull out the four wheeler... thankfully, there was enough battery to keep it going for a bit... I need to remember to keep a charged battery at all times...

One of the reasons Kass and the boys came to the farm today is because I was also expecting another visitor. This is Sally... I met her about 12 years ago when she and her daughter came to spend the winter in Maine. Sally was re-cooping for a cancer battle and needed some time to rest. Since the ocean is her favorite place to be.. she picked Maine. Her daughter Keri is deaf and while they were here, we found a nice little Aussie for Keri, and she and I did some training and Hannah (the dog) became Keri's hearing dog... the first service dog that I had ever worked with.  When they went back to their home, we have continued to keep in touch. Keri is now married with a new baby of her own, and dear Hannah dog passed just last year after serving Keri for all those years. 

Sally was out here visiting and wanted to come and see the farm... so we made the plans. She was also hoping to see Kass again and the boys, so everything was arranged. 

It was a fun visit... with lots of catching up.. and saying how hard it is to think that so much time has passed and all the changes that have occurred. Staying in touch with old friends and having time together once again has to be one of life's treasurers for sure.

Just some photos of the garden fish.. they've done well over the summer.... and I have enjoyed my water garden more than I even thought I would

The days are still fairly warm, but getting shorter all the time. The nights are colder and you can just feel the change. And then the first glimpse appear, once one tree begins to change, it seems like the rest follow quickly.. and the fall season is certainly upon us.