Sunday, July 27, 2008

barn Kitty (ies)

this morning, found me at our local animal shelter.. I was there to get my "new kitty". Now, when it came to the planning of the new barn, one "thing" that was always "on my list " was a couple of barn cats. Every barn that I have boarded in has had a barn cat or two, and with them... no mice!!! so I knew that I wanted to have a kitty in our new barn. The "trouble" is... barn cats are hard to find around here. Our shelters have done a very good job at promoting their spay/neuter programs, and you just don't see many "free kitten" signs around like you used to. When it comes to adopting a cat, they are rather particular about cats being pets and living in the house, verses living "outside". But once in awhile, a "case" comes up and the shelter is happy to work out "whatever is best for the cat".

A few weeks ago, I met with a new client and her two dogs. As I entered her home, I was greeted by the most wonderful little group of kitties. They were about four weeks old, and just as charming as they could be. When I commented on them, she asked "do you want one"... and I said no, that I had two kitties, but one day, I would like to find a kitty that could live in my barn. Well..... it so happened, that the Mom of these kittens was (is) a feral cat, and my client was their foster Mom... ,once the babies were weaned, they would go to the shelter for adoption and Mom... well, her future was uncertain, as she was not only "wild", but very shy. I told my client I would be happy to offer her a home in the new barn and she said she would look into it and see what the shelter would do.

I was thrilled to learn that the shelter would let me take the Mom kitty , they knew the situation she would be living in and thought it would be in her best interest to come and live in the barn. I named her Annabelle, and I could adopt her as soon as her kittens were on their own, and she was spayed and ready to go.

And so this morning, I met up with Sharon (foster mom) and the staff from the shelter to get Annabelle and go over her adoption and settling her into the barn. Katie was the shelter work who handled the paperwork (yes Cindy... this is "your" Katie!!!!) As we were talking about Annabelle, Katie said.... "you wouldn't be interested in another barn cat?" and I said I might, and wanted to know what the story was on this one....

Basically, his story is... he's a very big boy who plays rough and is not happy when kept inside. He's sweet enough, but when he gets bored, he causes trouble. A few folks have tried him as a pet, but he had been returned to the shelter because he turned out to be "more cat" than they wanted. I guess the staff was at a bit of a loss as to what to do for him... and his options were getting smaller.

I was up for giving him a "go"... but I was a little worried that he might be "too much" for Annabelle...Katie talked it over with some of the other staff, and Sharon felt that Annabelle could probably hold her own... soooooo....

home I came with two!!!! The big guy we are calling "Sam". I got them to the barn and settled them into the tack room. I have been advised to keep them in for a while, to help them get settled and know where the "chow" will be. Sam popped right out of his crate, but Annabelle wouldn't budge (maybe she will later tonite when it quiets down). Sam went over to Annabelle's crate and stuck his big head inside, but didn't seem all that interested in her, and as we left them tonite, both were in their own crates. I hope they will be happy with us... they certainly will get lots of excellent care and love, plus all the freedom they both crave. I hope they will stay with us, but with Annabelle, especially, that will be her decision to make... Sam I think, will stick around, he is more of a people cat.

The barn's first residence!!! things are on a roll....

OH.. the phone is working again in York... a tech finally showed up at 6:00pm on Thursday evening... I was nice to him, but told him I was extremely unhappy with the company's service. Because of that he "replaced my phone box for free" (big deal!!!).. but at least we are back in the "real world" again.