Monday, July 13, 2009

playin' on a Sunday....

Today after church, we went down to the farm to see what things we could accomplish. It actually was a gorgeous day on the lake, but since we had no company to share it with... sitting around just didn't appeal to me. We have a long list of "little things" that need to be done, so, it's easy to pick something and just begin.

For months now, I have felt rather guilty.... , when I am working at the farm, it means leaving dogs at home. I just can't keep an eye on everyone and "do" what ever it is that I am there for. We brought a kennel run up from the old house and I kept saying to Ed that I would like to set it up at the farm. That way, when I am busy , the dogs can be "with me" and I don't have to worry about where they are or what they are up to. So, this afternoon...Ed said, "Let's get that kennel up".

The area that would be perfect for the kennel needed to have some trees brought down. Fortunately, Rick has left his big chipper with us. Ed fire up the chain saw, and I fed that big chipper. It's a bit scary working that with thing, but, I just went easy and we (the chipper and I ) got along fine. Goodness, that chipper makes quick work, and we got a nice place cleared for the kennel, plus a little more. When we finally get the "woods" thinned out like that, they are going to look so nice. I just don't know "when" all that will happen, but that's a job that we can work at a little at a time.

The Kennel fit perfectly in the area that we cleared. We kept the bigger straighter trees, and any hardwood trees (which aren't many) that we came across. There is nice shade in the kennel and plenty of room to move about. The dogs are going to be happy to be there.

We gave it "a try" ... Mr. Guinea was quite interested in it himself. He kept walking by it.. perhaps he is impressed that he is loose and the dogs are penned.

Both Ed and I were pretty tired last night, and secretly glad that we didn't get a call about another load of hay being ready.... however, later in the evening, Harold called and said the officer's meeting scheduled for Monday evening was going to be postponed.... due to hay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

make hay while the sun shines...

The hay has been really late this year due to all the wet weather we have been having. On a good year, you can get hay in by the middle of June... and off year.. by the fourth of July... but this year.. simply getting it in has been a real concern.

Fortunately, we put a big load in last year. Having never bought hay for a whole year before, and not being sure of what we would really need... I decided to err on the "more" side. I have felt very blessed in that we still have a good pile of hay in the barn, because some of my other horse friends have been in a bit of a panic. I have been able to help them out, and still keep us in a good place.

Friday was a beautiful day, and so was Saturday... Ed and I had a pretty good idea that Father would be cutting. We made a dump run in the afternoon and sure enough, Father had been cutting all morning and was beginning to bale. His two sons, Harold (the current fire chief) and Pete, plus two other friends, Jimmy and his son, were all helping Father. One load of hay was already stacked and sold, but they were working on "ours". Ed and I ran home to get the trailer (hats and gloves!!!) and headed back to the field. Actually I hung around camp for a bit waiting for the new renters to come... so by the time I made it to the field, the trailer was nearly full of hay.

We were a bit "worried" about getting the hay up to the loft... the sky was beginning to look "rainish" and we had the elevator to get down (that thing is HEAVY and I really can't manage it). We asked the guys if they would give us a hand with the elevator, and got even more... they were all willing to come and help us put the hay up!!!! (what a blessing!!!)... With the five of them, and Ed, the hay flew into the loft, I was planning on helping, but found it was easier to stay out of the way and just count bales!!! I can't believe how fast they got it in!!!!

We still have at least two loads coming in, but now, between last year's left over supply and the start of this year... the hay loft "looks much better".... Now, if this weather can just hang in there a week or two... it would give all the hay men a chance to catch up!!!! Let's hope.................