Thursday, January 10, 2008

that's it.....

Tomorrow, my dog club's newsletter will be in the mail... and for me, it's the last one that I will do. I decided to give up my position as the newsletter editor this year, and even though I am feeling a little sad about it right now, it's time to let it go.
I had only planned on doing this job for "a few years" ... that was back in 1997.... I can't believe that I have done this for 11 years!!! That I found enough things to talk about!!!! I like to write ... this blog is proof of that... and my poor club friends had to put up with all sorts of my silly stories, but I guess they didn't mind too much... after all, they kept voting me back in year after year. And some were quite sad to hear that I wasn't taking it on this year.
The new gal that will be taking it over will do a fine job, and I plan on offering her some stories every now and again. And there certainly are other positions in the dog club that interest me.... I am going to be the vice-president (again!!!) this year... in fact, I have done every club job there is... except for the treasurer.. so there is plenty to keep me busy when I want to be.... our dog club is very active and does all sorts of cool things, so there is always a project to be done.
but, for me... this is the last Telegram that I will have to worry about...... travel safe my little letters.

only in Maine

This photo was taken on Tuesday (8th) from the "hayloft" over looking the field. The temp was about 40 degrees and the wind was blowing up a storm!!!!

Then comes along a January thaw... and for the rest of the week, the temps have been in the 50's and once or twice ... near 60!!!

Here's (almost) the same shot.. taken today... look at the field now... two and a half feet of snow... all gone!!!!

What is it they say about Maine weather... "if you don't like it now, what a minute!!!"

How true!!!

com'n along

Ed shows me the windows that will be in each stall.

This photo was shot on Tuesday, January 8th

Transom light is over the front and back doors.

Walls are boarded in up to the hayloft level.

This photo was shot today (10th) the carrying beams are now up on the hayloft level.

This is what you see now when you pull up the drive.

Rafters are next, and then the red roof goes after that!!!!

This warm weather we've been having has sure been a blessing. The guys are moving quick now...

our building permit has been granted for the house, and the "real work" begins!!!!