Thursday, March 01, 2007

birthday -- sort of!!!

If you are born on February 29th (Leap Day)
which only comes around every four years, then
when do you celebrate your birthday??

This is a question that Sadie has had to answer
time and time again, and she has come to the conclusion... You celebrate the 28th thru the 1st!! (a total of 48 hours!!!) What could be better than that, a two day birthday!!

I remember well, the day we found out we were "expecting", I went to see the doctor and his nurse, Candy, said "well sometime the end of February I would say" when she flipped open the calendar, she said "Hey, it's a leap year, let's make your due date on the 29th!!" I must admit, I thought that sounded kind of cool, but what are the chances that a baby would be born on it's "due date".. that never happens.

The morning of the 29th, I woke up, feeling perfectly fine (and a little disappointed) and went thru the whole day with not much happening. I had pretty much figured that no way was this little baby coming within that 24 hour time period.... until, just about dinner time, it all began.. and what's more......QUICKLY!!! I bearly had time to get Kas to my Mom's, call my sister Rachel (who wanted to be there for the birth) and get Ed home from work. This baby had decided it was time, and there was no stopping!!!

Sadie was born in about 50 minutes.... and that included "everything", I feel so bad for ladies who go for hours and hours, but not with Sadie, she sort of made up her mind that she was coming, and came!!! (which pretty much has been her way all along, once she makes up her mind, that's it, you don't change things with Sadie!!!)

Ed and I had pretty much figured Sadie was going to be a son, so when the doctor announced "it's a girl" I was shocked!!! We hadn't even really talked about a girl's name, because I was so sure she was a boy!!! Then the doctor made the comment "Hey, this is Sadie Hawkins Day" (meaning the 29th) and the name Sadie just sort of stuck!!!

For those who do not know the story of "Sadie Hawkins".. it goes something like this... a girl can ask the boy to marry her but only on this one day - the 29th. So, gals have a chance every four years to ask a boy to marry, just in case they don't ever get asked. Sort of a silly story, but what's wrong with silly stories?

Next year, Sadie will be 20 and will have her fifth real birthday... if I know her, she is probably already planning the celebration... after all... it will be only a 24 hour birthday!!!!!

** and for the record, March came in like a lamb***