Monday, February 22, 2010

"planes" and puppies

We had quite an interesting weekend, and it just goes to show the wide variety of things that Ed and I are interested in. On Saturday morning, he had a training drill with his fire company on the "life flight helicopter". There was some talk of having the helicopter land in our field, because the fire department parking lot was so full of dirt from the winter.

But as it turned out, the dirt wasn't such a problem and they landed right in the parking lot of the FD. I didn't get to see it personally because I was at work, but I heard it fly over so I knew it was in town.

It's definitely one of those things that you hope you never have to meet in person, but we are so fortunate that we have this service so close by. Ed said they had a great drill and it was good for the guys to have the chance to see the helicopter and meet with the folks that are in charge of it.

On Sunday we had a "service dog day" with NEADS... and it was time to say goodbye to Chester's little puppy vest. I had maxed the straps out as far as we could and still it wasn't fitting anymore.

Time to move into a larger vest so our "poor boy" can breath while he does his work!!!

There was this little 10 week old lab puppy who attended (wish I could remember her name). It's so hard to think that Chester was just about that size when he arrived back in November. Our friends, Rick and Kelli popped over and brought their therapy dog Mindi to mingle with the group.,

And at this age, it doesn't take much to tucker them out!!!!

who says "service dogs" can't get some attention. Actually when they are truly working, you're not suppose to fuss with them, but at this stage of training, and the fact that it was an "information day"... all rules were laid aside. Is Chester a "muck" for attention or what.... silly golden....

We brought Camille with us as well. I tell everyone that she is a service dog supporter. Look who had to get in on the picture taking..... she demanded as much attention as the other dogs did!!!!

This is Kelly to the left and Chester on the right, (he looks much happier in his new and bigger vest!!) and he isn't that much smaller than Kelly!!

And a couple of nice photos of the group....

After that, Ed and I went over to check out Cabela's which was right next door. Quite a nice place and we brought Chester in to walk around with us. Then I went on and did a home visit for Cocker Rescue... back home to do barn chores and the day was over, another weekend gone. But great fun, a little break from the house and tomorrow it's back to routine.