Saturday, February 27, 2010

rain, wind, snow and b-day

This has been quite a week, weather wise. The first part of the week was warm(ish) with little bits of spring tucked inside. Mr. G was happy to find some nice dirt again, the slow melt of the snow had made for little mud on the farm, and even the lake is showing signs of melting. All but one little ice shack has been taken off the lake, and there is open water in front of the camp. It seemed as though spring was making a quiet entrance.

THEN.... we got hit with a good ol' fashion New England Nor'easter. The coast really got hit, with wind gusts up to 80 mph. We got some pretty good winds and rain here as well... Ed went out with the fire department around 10:30.. and 15 calls later, he got home around 2:30 am.

Despite it all, we were some of the lucky ones and the power has stayed on. Even tonite, though, many folks are still in the dark since last Thursday's storm. Parts of our town are out, but we're not. There are (were) trees down all over the place and because the storm was all rain, a fair amount of flooding in the roadways and the like. IF it had been snow.. we would have had close to five feet!!!! Needless to say, I am just as glad we didn't have all snow. The storm still isn't quite over, it keeps circling in from the ocean and we're suppose to have rain/snow from it until at least Monday.

Today, it turned back to snow... and this is what my ride into work looked like this morning. I am getting tired of the winter weather, but I have to admit... it really is very pretty.

Mr. G and chickens are hanging out in the barn once again... all their dirt is "gone". (I think he looks kind of sad about that)

And outside the barn, the wind howls again, and the snow comes back with force... hard to even see the other side of the field.

But... that didn't stop us from celebrating Sadie's birthday. We met up with Kas and Nate, Kelli and Rick at Olive Garden (Sadie's choice) to have a birthday supper together.

Kelli made another one of her amazing gift baskets for Sadie.. just full of all kinds of goodies.

And look at this adorable card she made, with all kinds of photo of Abbie. She is so talented!!!!

After dinner, we had the "staff" sing their happy birthday song and bring a small cake for Sadie.. Abbie was amazed.

And thought that the whole event was simply grand. (I can't wait to see what she thinks about her own birthday next fall!!!)
The snow had let up some for the ride home, and right now it's calm again. The power crews are working all over the place and I hope power is restored soon to the ones who are waiting.

and, Chester puppy... well he went to dinner tonite as well, and snoozed under the table while we ate. The only ones who even knew he was with us, were the folks that saw him walk in and out of the restaurant....