Tuesday, February 05, 2008

home show

On Sunday, we met up with friends, Julie and Gordon.... had a wonderful breakfast together, and then went onto Manchester for a "Timber Frame and Log Home" show. Ed and I have been attending these shows for the past few years, in search of the "new house".. this show in Manchester was quite small and some what disappointing, except for the fact that the company we are currently talking to was there. We had a nice chat with one of the owners of the company, and according to him... our figures should be coming in by the end of the week.

Of the companines that we have looked into, so far, this one seems to be the most promising... course "the numbers" will say it all. They also seem to be on a good time frame, and if this comes together, they could be working for us this summer.... time will tell I guess.

I have to admit, I was quite impressed that once we said our names, they knew who we were and what our house was (is) and could easily talk with us about it. This is a fairly small company and is based in New Hampshire, which makes us feel good... dealing with a "more local" company.... I am a little "worried" about getting too excited, as the first two didn't pan out... but, I do know, it's a work in progress and just need to go thru the steps, and enjoy the journey.

Saturday was Groundhog's Day.. and the chubby little fellow saw his shadow once again... six more weeks of winter!!! As much as I was hoping for an early spring... (wanting to get that big guy of mine out and working!!!) my "pile" of winter projects needs attention. I have two big items that I really want to finish before good weather calls me outside once again.

This morning we woke to a fresh layer of snow... suppose to change to rain in a few hours.... so, it's been a wonderful quiet morning of coffee and quilting. Ed is off to work on the barn.... he is designing doors this week, and if it goes according to plan, the two big end doors will be done, and the building will officially be "weather tight"........then the "fun stuff" (for me) can begin.... what kind of "latches, lighting, walls, hangers" do I want ...... and I can also start putting together the other items that I will need... wheelbarrow, forks, buckets........ I have been watching for the sales... they usually come around this time of year, and it will be a good time to start collecting things.....

Three new dog classes begin tonite in Saco.... hard to believe that it was before Christmas when I last taught there... really, the winter is zipping by......