Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"sick" computer

Well, there are no pictures to share in this blog.. and there almost isn't a blog... we have a sick computer and it needs to be taken to the doctor. Fortunately, Sadie has a little lap top, so I can post stories, but no pictures, so just so that you all know we are alive and well... here's a story.

It's been a busy week, as you all may know, we are moving from the big camp into the little one... even though (I thought) we were very careful not to bring in TOO MUCH personal stuff, we did, and it's been a few days of sorting and getting things into place. We are pretty tight here in the little camp, and it will be important that everything stays in place, or we will certainly feel tighter than we all ready are.... but, the view of the lake is amazing, the loons sing us to sleep at night, and we don't have to pay rent.. so what more could we ask for. The cockers have gone back onto the under ground fence, so they are getting used to being "free" again and remembering where the boundaries are. Tazzy has had the most trouble with it, but she is getting better, and Trevor has done the best on it.

Our first renters come this weekend, and after that, the big camp is pretty much booked for the summer. This is wonderful......dog work continues to be busy, and in fact, I need to make some graduation hats for this evening's class (so I shouldn't be playing on the computer!!!) and even though the weather has been pretty yucky, I have a feeling that the summer will zoom by.

The turkey chicks are growing in leaps and bounds!!! starting to get their feathers, and we have moved them down to the tack room... so far, everyone is alive and well, so we got thru the first week without any troubles. Our chickens are doing well, I actually let them out for a bit today, Mr. Guinea had to show him that he is the top bird of the farm, but all in all, they got along well. I don't' know if he really appreciates the fact that I "got them for him"... but at least, I think he is less lonely....AND it seems that we will try another barn kitty... I have been contacted by the local shelter to see if another cat would like to live in our barn. I told them as long as Annabelle doesn't feel threaten, I will give her a try, so I guess she comes this weekend.... we'll see. Funny how animals seem to "find us" instead of us looking for them. Think we'll have to be careful about "getting too many"...

well, got to get those hats done... and see what we can do about our computer!!!!!