Friday, January 23, 2009

caught ya!!!

Since moving to the farm, Ed has had more time to be around the horses. He is really enjoying them, and has become "very comfortable" around them. Today, I caught him doing what many of us "horse folk" do...
"wasting time"............ just watching and enjoying the horses as they played out in the pasture. I personally, enjoy many things about our horses, but simply watching them, being with them is one of the greatest joys... I am sure you will all agree.......

miss "tude"


"poor Mocha" has been locked in for the past couple of days. She keeps escaping from her part of the pasture and going in with the big horses. It wouldn't be such a problem, except that we find, once in a while, the big guys like to chase her. She isn't afraid, but with the snow being so deep, I am afraid. I worry that if she slipped or tripped up, they could run right over her!! and when one is 1800lbs (ish) and the other just 200 lbs. (ish) that sort of a "crash" would not be good. so, until we had a little time to add one more strand to her fence, she was locked inside.

The "big guys" were very interested in our project, Tonka was certain he could help me (or maybe he just thought that bag was full of treats!!!) Duke and Silver kept a careful eye on Ed... just to be sure that he was doing "his part" correctly!!!!

Once we let Mocha out of her stall, she went to her place of "escape" and found she could no longer get thru.... she was NOT a happy campers, and began to tear up and down in her paddock... "Miss Attitude!! ( or "Tude" for short!!) well, just too thing about these "minis" they are all horse... and they don't let you forget that for a second.
We had a number of visitors on the farm today... Chris and Lisa took a drive up to see us, and while they were there, a neighbor popped in to see how things were going. Then Ken (who helped Ed build the barn last winter) popped over with a friend of his... so all kinds of going's on. And there is one sad note to share... we lost another guinea hen. Two of them have been outside for the past couple of nights, and this afternoon, I found them both. One was still alive, but sadly the other had been grabbed by a hawk (I found what was left of her)... I am hoping the one alive will "make it" she was pretty cold when I finally got her in... silly birds, I don't understand why they decide not to come in some nights.... any ways, that takes us down to four of the original seven... I hope I won't lose any more....