Tuesday, June 02, 2009

stairs and doors....

It's funny in that, when you use something all the time, you hardly even notice it... until... you don't have it!!! Case in point, cellar stairs!!! All winter long, whenever we have needed to get into the cellar, it has meant, going outside and walking around to the back of the house. Not bad if the weather is good, but if it were snowing or raining... that also meant putting your coat on!!!

Well... as of today.... this "big hole" that looks into the upstairs....

is gone!!!!!

Because Ken has completed the stairs!!! And all we have to do (when wanting to get into the cellar) is head down the steps!!!

how grand!!!!!!

Another "all done" project is the set of doors in the cellar that leads out to the back yard. One of the neat things in the design of this house is the walk out basement!!! It's going to be so handy when it comes to muddy puppy paws... and guests dogs, and (hopefully) the doggie daycare that we plan to start up. With this door in place... all "outside" openings are now closed in!!!

This is the "kennel area"... when you come in thru the garage, it's down another (competed) staircase, into this area. We will build a wall here between what is the cellar area and the kennel area.... and then the dogs will just go from here thru the door into the fenced back yard.

Things are progressing well.... Ed is finishing up the wiring, we're getting decisions made about the outside covering on the house (vinyl)... and then it will be sheetrock... kitchen work.. bathrooms... floors.... hugh... think I'll stop here!!!!!