Sunday, May 03, 2009

dog show, day 2

Another bright and early morning for Camille and I... off to day two of the dog show. She was happy to go, though just before we left, I found her in bed snuggling with Ed, which pretty much goes to say... we don't have show dogs... we have pets that happen to show.

Our first class was the Novice (CD) class, the one that she "failed" in yesterday. Again I wasn't expecting too much in this class, we need to work out the "bugs" on this one. Her "set up" was beautiful, she is alert and ready to work... I really like this shot.

In we go, "on lead heeling"... great. Next "figure 8"... well done. "Stand for exam".. flawless!!! Now, the "dreaded off lead"...

Bit of lagging on this outside turn.. but over all.. not bad... still in the running...

Lagging back a bit here too, but still working and not as far behind as I thought she was....

end of exercise, the judge whispers..."so far so good"... I can't hardly believe it.... we're passing!!!!

Set up for the come command.... last exercise and a piece of cake.. Camille ALWAYS comes when I call matter what!!! That first leg is almost in our grasp...

I leave her, judge gives me the signal to call... "Camille come".... She looks at me, she doesn't move... I can see that she wasn't paying attention and now she isn't sure if she heard me or not... she sits and waits.... the judge slowly shakes her head.... we're done... she allows me to call her again, but we have already "failed"... I call again, and Camille comes running.. big smile and "happy to see you again Mom" look is on her beautiful little face. I give her a hug, thank the judge and leave.... so close and yet so far... bummer!!!!!

As it turns out, five other dogs blow their comes as well. After talking with some of the other handlers, we all agreed that perhaps our dogs really didn't hear us call for them. The ring behind us was busy and loud, and where we were working was windy. We all decided that we should have called much louder, I will think of that next time. But the good news... even though we need to practice more together, I know that Camille will pull it off and get her CD... we'll keep our eye on the prize.

Banjo showed again today. However, I had to find a friend to take him in for me. Camille and I were in the Rally Obedience ring the exact time that Banjo went into the breed ring. I didn't get to see him show, but Kas and Nate report that it was much the same as yesterday. Nice job, but a young pup can't measure up to the big adult males. This is Banjo's idea of "showing".... more like showing off!!! He's such a great puppy, and for a first time out... I was very proud of his overall performance and manners!!!!!

Because Kassy's was busy at the breed ring with Banjo, she wasn't able to get any pictures of Camille and I in the Rally ring. Today was a bumper leg anyways, as she finished her title yesterday, but it was an excellent run.... in fact it was a PERFECT run... she scored 100!!!! not one point lost on anything.... I was thrilled!!!!!

And it turned out that there were two PERFECT dogs in the Rally ring today. Camille and this beautiful Newfoundland!!!! When this happens (scores that are tied), "they" look to see who did the course faster. I am always aware that I am being timed as we do the course, but I work more for a clean run than a fast run.

The Newfie was faster by two seconds!!! So, he placed first and Camille and I were placed second. But, a perfect run is a perfect run, no matter where you "place". Our little Camille is turning out to be quite a little star!!!!

Tonite we are both exhausted, I am going to finish this post, put my jammies on and wait for it to get "late enough" to go to bed. Camille has beat me to it, she is out like a light having just finished her supper!!!! It was such a grand weekend.... saw so many friends, got to spend some time with my kids, weather was great, and a little brown and white cocker did her "mom" proud.... what more can one ask for????