Saturday, May 31, 2008

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So, this last day of May finds us on our last day of vacation.. tomorrow we head for Maine!!! I am ready to be "back" which tells me that this vacation was just right.

We woke this morning to very humid weather, and the TV warned us of thunderstorms thru out the day. We didn't have any "real" plans, so decided to head out and see what we could find.

"What" we found was a train museum!!! and it is hard to tell you exactly how huge this place was, and all the wonderful things that it contained. Ed is a bit of a train buff, so we had a wonderful time exploring!! Across the street from the museum was another one, that offered rides on a steam train thru the Amish countryside.. nothing doing.. we had to get on board!!! It was a beautiful ride (even with the rain drops) and we enjoyed it very much.

After the ride, we began to drive about the country side and "came" across the train as it took another group of passengers out for a ride. Ed got this photo of the train and an Amish farmer working in his field. Because the train was coming to a crossing he had to blow the steam whistle... I was quite impressed that this team of three horses hardly even noticed it was there.

The horses are so amazing to me, I know that they are well trained and deal with all this "modern" stuff on a daily basis, but it is so impressive to see them standing in a row of cars at a traffic light, or trotting along as motor cycles, tractor trailer trucks, and various motor cars pass them by. I would have loved to talk to an "Amish" person and ask about the work they do with their horses, but the opportunity never came up...

Anyways, it has been a wonderful couple of days in this beautiful part of the country ... the blog next has some more pictures we shot over the day... enjoy....

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