Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today we celebrated Memorial Day.. a weekend that typically means "three days off from work".. but ever since our son in law, Nate, having served with the Marine Corps for four years... my view of Memorial Day is very clear. We also know several young men and women who are currently serving our country.. and I am very grateful to them and the ones before and the ones to come... thank you just seems so small compared to what they do for us... but I sincerely mean it.

And so Miss Abbie, we bring you to your first parade, and though this is a celebration today, I can assure you that your "Grandmother" is going to teach you what this holiday is all about. And how blessed you are that you were born here in the United States!!!!

Before the parade, we had a tail gate party of sorts... coffee and donuts!!! The day was just beautiful and this was a great way to start it out...

The honor guard opened the parade... it was "interesting" to see how many people paid their respect when the flag went by. I did see a few hats removed, hands placed over the heart.. and some even stood up from chairs... but not as many as should have. Maybe people don't know what the "rules" are anymore.. and that's a shame... but, you teach by example, so I made sure that I was paying attention when the colors passed by.

This was also a good opportunity for Chester to do some training. He was quite interested at first, but by the time the parade was about half over, he just sat and watched. No big deal......

After the parade, the kids came back to the camp for a cookout and a swim. Nate helped Ed get all the lawns mowed (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!). Everything looked so nice and neat at the end of the day.

Charlie keeping a careful watch on his Mom and baby Abbie.....

tired little girl.. it was long and exciting day....

We then went down to the farm. Ed had asked the boys if they would help him move the cabinets in. Both Nate and Tom were a great help and got them all inside for us. Now I can begin to paint them and get them ready to be installed..

Ed did a rough lay out, and this certainly gives me a good idea of what my kitchen is going to look like (so exciting!!!). Tomorrow we plan to get the tile put down in the kitchen area, and as I already said... it will be a big week of painting for me... but it's getting close~~~~

And it's because people chose and served our country.. and keep us "free", I get to enjoy things like building a new home, and living in the place that I chose... and though it does seem "small".. I truly say THANK YOU to our wonderful "service people" and God Bless America!!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


As I pretty much figured, working a full week at the post office was more than enough for me. Not that it wasn't a "good" week.. and/or "interesting week" because it was, but I am glad that it's done and I can go back to my usual five hours a week. The "thing" about working like that, is, it doesn't fit into my life, and I don't know how "full time folk" do it week after week. I guess that maybe they don't have seven dogs to fuss over, or a barn of horses that need tending, or are trying to build a house, and keep up with the work in the house that you live in. Still I do know, they have things that they like to do aside from work... I just don't know how it's done...

Now I have to get this blog brought up to date for my loyal readers, so here we go. Last Sunday Kas asked us down for a bite of supper, after having worked at the house all day (tiling a floor no less) we were pretty happy to accept that invitation. It was a hot day - just like summer - so, I said to Ed, let's take the bike!!! It was a great ride down, though once we hit the coast and that sea breeze, we actually had to pull over to put sweaters on.....

We had a nice supper and visit with all the Flagg's (Kas asked Deb and Dave as well)... the evening flew by and before we knew it, it was dark and we needed to get back to the farm.

The weather had really cooled off!!! I was glad that I had packed even more than just my sweater!!! I threw on another sweatshirt, and then Ed's firefighters vest on top of that. We thought the reflective tape would also help cars spot us.. I didn't know just "how reflective" it was until I saw this shot!!! The ride home was cool, but it was beautiful.. the moon was almost full and the traffic was light, so we really enjoyed it. We need to get out on the bike more this summer.. so many fun things await us!!!!!

Course, I would be working inside while we were having one of the best weeks weather wise. It was HOT!!! I was so bummed to get out for an hour lunch and see what I was missing. One lunch break I got home and found some pretty miserable dogs!!! I knew what they needed.. especially Trevor... a jump in the lake. All I had to say was "let's go swimmin'..." and there was a mad dash to the lake. Trev was the first one in and just swam in big circles....

Chester was pretty interested in all this activity. He sat on the shore for a while and watched, then got a big drink of water... Trev came up for a little break and as he headed back into the water, Chester seem to get his courage up......

And followed him in. He seemed a little surprised and unsure about it all, but he's a good swimmer.

He got back up on the shore, and decided that was enough for one day (and a first swim).. and sadly, it had to be enough because I needed to get back to work. Wished I could have joined them... but.... the post was waiting.....

blog, blog

I decided that I would postpone my dog classes while working. I figured that after being on my feet all day, I wouldn't be up for classes as well. I like to give my students the very best, and being tired, I wouldn't be able to do that. But one thing is, by postponing classes, I could do the "evening things" that I often miss out on... One being steak night!!!! The kids came too, since we would all be together... Kas kept Abbie entertained with this mirror that was behind our table!!!

Our gals!!!!!!

Abbie with Uncle Coz!!! She loves him!!!

The other big event for the week... arrival of kitchen cabinets!!!! This is very exciting!! because all the appliances are waiting in a warehouse for us... so.. once we get going, we're going to have a REAL kitchen!!!

Just waiting for me to get them painted... ah, yes... more painting!!!!!

Saturday evening, we were invited to the neighbors for a BBQ. They had sent their "piggie to market" and had a nice roast for the neighborhood. Everything was so good and we had such fun visiting with everyone. It's one of those things that you should do more often... getting to know your neighbors... and this might be the start of something good...

Course you know, you must have a fire at such events.. and why is it the moment you set it, the wind picks up off the lake??? This looks pretty bad, but really it was only like this for a few moments, and once there was a nice bed of coals.. you know we made s'mores!!!!

Abbie didn't last for the whole party, and what's better than being snuggled in your Grandfather's sweatshirt????

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset....

and were entertained by the calling of the loons....sort of hated to see the day come to a close.

blogs, blogs , blogs

We're in big trouble now.. Abbie is officially on the move!!! She has been practicing for weeks, with this crawling business and I think now - she has it under control. There will be no rest for the weary now!!!

All the dogs are so wonderful with her. Chester is such a sweetie pie!! and he loves it when she is in the "scootie". She loves him too, and with all the talking she doing now, I think the word "dog" will soon be heard!!!!!

Today was a big house work day. We got the grout work done in the mudroom!!! Another tile floor... done and finished!!! I am really pleased with the way it turned out... now just a bit of trim board and this room will be DONE!!!!

Ed couldn't wait to "see" a cabinet in place. So he brought one in from the garage and held it in place. Now I really want to get them painted!!! I can't wait to have them in place for real!!!!

Between helping Ed with the floor, I worked on getting some windows painted. Did pretty well, got three windows all primed. I'll give them the night to dry and hopefully tomorrow, will put the first coat of finish paint on them. Then Ed can put the frame work up... one more coat of paint, and they'll go on the done list.....

And the last thing we did today before calling it a "night".. was hang the door to the down stair bathroom. We have had this door for almost seven months, and it sure was fun to see it go into place....

Bit of trim work, some paint (more!!!) stain on the door.. and that will go on the done list. Seems like things are beginning to get on "that" list.... I like the sound of that!!!!!

And you know that summer has really come to the lake when you hear that familiar tune... the ice cream truck. This is certainly a good weekend to be selling your wares, because I think everyone is here at their camps!!! This place is hopping... I am almost not used to seeing so many cars!!!!

Well, you know that Abbie just had to have her very first ice cream truck treat, so we ran out to wait for his return......

A treat of "shaved ice"... just perfect!!!!

Tomorrow is Memorial Day... and summer has begun. Lots of exciting things coming up, lots of deadlines to meet... lots of everything......

Thursday, May 27, 2010

bye bye brown bunny

We had some sad news on the farm yesterday... "AJ" (ie Apple Jacks aka Brown Bunny) passed away. I think the extreme heat we have had over the past couple of days was more than he could handle. We were very careful that "everyone" had plenty of water, and shelter... because this kind of weather certainly takes it toll on creatures... on everyone!!!

I don't really know how old "brown bunny" was... we got him from Kassy's preschool because he wasn't turning out to be a good pet to the kids there. Kass thinks he was a couple of years old when we got him, and I think we had him six years... so guessing, I would say he was at least 8, and maybe even a bit older than that. He was a nice little bunny, didn't mind being held (as long as you held him correctly) and very friendly, always hopping over to the door to visit and get his treats. He loved his hutch that Ed made for him, and was always re arranging it, which I found interesting.

Any ways, I'm going to miss the little guy, and I hope he had a happy life with us. "Bye, Bye.. brown Bunny, happy Hopping in Heaven."

Sunday, May 23, 2010

catchin' up

I don't know how many blogs there will be in the up coming week. Not only are we working on the house, but we are both "working". Ed has gone back to work for Coz a few days a week, and I am covering the post office while my boss is on vacation. House wise, these "work opportunities" couldn't have come at a "worse" time... but they are opportunities and we are happy to have, we'll muddle thru as best as we can, and just get done what we can. We're at that stage where one job depends on another.... example.. the floor man came to measure for the flooring, but the up stair bath needs to be painted first, the hall way needs it's last coat of "mud" - then painted...the tiling has to be finished downstairs.. but we need the cabinets to come in... etc. etc. etc. We need to take a look in each room and make a "this needs to be done first" list!!!!

Sadie thought she would try her hand at gardening this year. I love gardens, but I never seem to have much luck with things that are "green". I try... but.. I seem to do much better with four legged creatures than things with roots.
I like the lay out of this little garden by the "barn" (really garage) and it offers a nice guide to the walk leading up to the door. Hopefully Sadie's little plants will like it there as well. Someday this will be a brick walk way, but that can certainly go on the "to do later" list!!!! We put Ed's tractor spinner in the corner.. not only is it cute, but I am hoping that it might keep the chickens out!!!!

The weather has been so nice, we are spending more time outside as well. While Sadie was working in the garden and I was working in the house, we kept the door open. Not wanting doggies to escape... we "used Abbie" to keep them in. Her little pack and play fitted perfectly across the doorway.....

I think the dogs found it rather funny to see Abbie in the "crate" instead of them... and she had a great time "talking" with them as they peeked outside and then checked her out.

Windows.... I love my big windows.. they offer so much light, but right now.... so much work.

However, there are three that are totally done!!! It's amazing what trim and paint will do to give this nice finished look. Let's see, three down... 19 more to go!!!! Oh hum...............

Tile floor number two.... the mudroom. Cear it all out, and start with the cement board...

Thenl ay the pattern out.... and begin.

I still "like" doing it... once you get the pattern right .. it is like quilting (I said that before) and other than being on your knees... it goes pretty quick. Oh I'll feel this tomorrow!!!!!

We didn't have a much time as we would have liked yesterday.. some company dropped by in the afternoon... (we were very happy to have them, but lost about an hour).. we got it about half done. It was a good stopping point for supper, and last minute we called Rick and Kelli and asked what they were up to. We decided that a Chinese food dinner would hit the spot... so they brought it up and we called it quits when they arrived.
Now.. just going to finish the blog here, and head back down .. and finish up the floor..... well, it will at least check another thing off the list!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

dock day

Today (Sunday actually) was "dock day"... now Abbie doesn't have a clue what it's all about, but dressed in a pink sunhat, and watching all the activity... she was game!!! It was a "warmish" day.. the sun was out and the wind was "mild".. so we convinced Nate and Tom that it wouldn't be "that bad a job".....

One of the hardest things about the job is getting the docks off the shore. We "live" on the high side of the lake, which means, no beach... and no nice easy slope into the water. I don't know if it's harder in the fall dragging the docks up the shore, or in the spring, stepping down over the rocks to get back to the water. Either way, we were so HAPPY that these two young, strong guys were willing to help!!! (THANKS BOYS!!!!)

Supposedly the water "wasn't' too bad"... once your legs got numb!!!!

But once the pieces got into the place, it's does come together fast. So much better than the old wooden docks that we used to deal with!!!

There were two that absolutely couldn't wait to get in the lake!!! They would have been more than happy to help out, too bad they don't know how to use the wrenches to put the docks together.... "come on Dad, hurry... we want to swim!!!"


And so Dear Abbie... that is dock day, and now the camp really seems like "camp".. and we look forward to many warm summer days spent on the docks with family and friends......