Saturday, September 12, 2009

more on turkey manor

The turkeys did well last night, the first night in Turkey Manor. And when I arrived at the farm this morning, they were all huddled inside, even though the door was open to the outside. Since they have only been "inside" they were a bit fearful of that outside world. Sadie and I tried to shoo a couple of them out, but it only created panic in the flock, so we gave up. We wanted to get the stall cleaned out and ready for the other birds to move in.

Early in the afternoon, just as the rain began, we looked out and saw that some of the turkeys had indeed, found their way outside. I thought that the rain might send them back in... but no, they seemed to be enjoying the "water falling from the sky" and goodness knows they could use the "shower". By the end of the day, all the turkeys had found the way out, and seem to really be enjoying the pen and the room to move about.... course this evening... Ed had to wrangle them all back inside.. no one wanted in!!! We didn't dare leave them out, we don't know what "wildlife" might be lurking around the barn at night, so everyone had to be locked in. I think once they figure out that the can go "in and out" and that the food is "inside", they'll be running back and forth. I am much happier to see them in a "better spot" and to have the younger birds now in the big stall with more room.

Dear Nate was back again today to help with sheet rocking. We can't tell him enough how much we appreciate his help!!! and Kas as well, because it means she gives up a day with Nate!!! (thank you ..thank you both!!!) Ed had to get some more sheet rock, so that took sometime from the morning, but they still got the sewing room done, and some of the walls in the pantry.

It makes a big difference quickly to see "real walls" in place. And really, there isn't much left to do except for some smaller pieces, which Ed can basically do himself.

Once he has the chance to "mud and tape", then I can take over and begin to get the walls primed, and think about what colors the rooms will be.

Every project done is one step closer to moving in... even though right now, it is still quite a way from happening. But I certainly appreciate what has been done thus far. Looking thru old blogs tonite (and crying my eyes out anytime I found a Moxie photo!!!) ... I saw that last year at this time, only the foundation was in place... the building hadn't even been started.. so really, we have come a long way in a short time.....and I need to "not be so anxious".. we will get into this house