Friday, June 15, 2007

class of 2007

I can so remember signing Sadie up for school and hearing the words " she'll be the class of 2007"...........
that's so far away, that's in the next century!!!
I will be in my forty's... late forty's!!!! .... it seemed like forever.

But, here it is, and it hasn't been forever, its been a moment!!! the years have flown by and when I look at this baby picture ( taken at my friend, Lory's house, with a litter of cocker babies....) I simply can not believe where the time has gone!!!

Not much has changed around here, in a lot of ways. Sadie used this picture of her and Tatter in the senior video (and the one above as the comparison), and yet, so many things have changed, as they would, over the years. And I know too, that the next few years will work exactly the same way. She heads to college in the fall, and I have no doubt those college years will zoom by just as the school years did. And it just reminds me of how special each day needs to be, because though some may seem long and difficult, stepping back and seeing the whole picture, makes you realize that is not the case.

So, "class of 2007"--- Sadie --- may your future be bright and full of blessings, and may you, too, realize that time plays the game, and its up to us, not to let it win......but to grab onto it and master all that we can..... we love you!!!!!