Thursday, May 07, 2009


OK.. so maybe I took that "meat and potato thing" a little too serious!!! I think what my dear readers were looking for is "house progress".... well, we are progressing.. or should I say "ED is progressing"... I seem to be off with dog students or the like as he is working on some of these projects. Ken and crew have just a few small things to do, but really, the house is "ours" now, and what gets done, depends on us.

Ed's main focus this past week has been preparing the garage and basement for cement. Yes, that is radiant heat that will be in the garage, and it suits two purposes.... one is, it will keep the garage at a nice even warmth, and the other as a "dumping area" for the wood furnace heat. I don't exactly understand what or why about that, but I guess we need it.

The sand floor had to be leveled, which Ed did mostly by hand... then this green foam board was put down and the tubing for the heat is run along it. Certainly much easier than the wire & tie that is also done with this type of heating. It shows that improvements are being made all the time.

There is a pattern that needs to be followed when doing this. It depends on the size of the area and all sorts of other variables. Ed asked our "heat man" Wayne to come and help him figure out how this all had to go.

And, once that was done, I couldn't believe how fast it all came together. They were done in just a few hours... amazing!!!!

This is where the garage is now, it's already and just waiting for the cement. Yesterday, we got the cellar cleared out and the stone all evened up. So, now we just need to get the foam board down, and Ed and I can do the tubing, now that we know how it's done... and that will be ready too....

And, maybe next week....