Sunday, July 20, 2008

thundering Sunday

Today was a thundering sort of day at the lake, and for the first time in a long while, we did not have any "company"... I always like to have company at camp... it's just more fun to have people around. We did have some friends over yesterday, Peg and Chuck were able to come and spend the afternoon with us. It was great, we haven't had a good visit with them in a long while, and being "old time farmers" we were anxious for them to see the barn and get their opinion of it. They liked it very much.

Since we didn't have any plans for the afternoon, and the weather was on again, off again, we decided to go down to the barn and get some painting done. The ceiling in the barn is quite high, it turned out that way, because we wanted the transom lights over the big barn doors. Because we have all this upper space, we thought it would be nice to paint it white, that way it will not only protect the wood, but should reflect the lights in the barn..... it was another tricky job, but we took our time and got it done....this is just the first coat, and much to our delight, it really lightens the place. so, it was a good idea, "we thinks"....

Now, while we were working, our "neighbor to be" dog came to visit. She is a lovely German Shepherd dog, and though I don't know much about her, I do know her name is Jasmine ... as I have heard her owner holler it on more than one occasion. I haven't met this neighbor yet,(she is fairly new to the neighborhood, too) but I already have a bit of an opinion.... because even "living in the country" letting a dog just roam the neighborhood isn't a good idea. Jasmine seems very sweet, but I don't know what she will think when the horses arrive, and though my horses are good with dogs, I am certain they won't appreciate being chased.. neither will I... course, I don't know that she would chase them, but she is a herding dog after all. Moxie wasn't exactly neighborly when she showed up today... this barn is very quickly becoming Moxie's turf, and even though she is dog friendly, she wasn't too happy with this visitor.

For the longest time, Mox just stood quietly and watched... she gave her evil eye, and Jasmine was quite respectful. However, at one point Jasmine got just a little too close, and the chase was on. Mox was pretty proud of herself, having chased this big dog off.... and claiming her farm back for herself...I was happy to see this, a few months ago, Moxie wouldn't have had the energy or "care" to do things like this, the care she is getting with the holistic vet is certainly paying off.
This evening we went to see some "old friends" who own the camp just down the road... the Stansfields are here from Ohio for a week's stay. It was nice to catch up on the news and all the goings ons of the families.... a thunderstorm sent us home a little early, but it was a nice visit. I was able to get some meds into Camille to help her thru the storms, and they worked very well..... again a suggestion from our holistic vet!!!! I am so happy we have found something that works for her.
So, the lightening brightens the sky, the thunder echoes across the lake, the loons are singing a great song... and one old cocker feels very good and another is very calm.... life is good.....