Saturday, February 02, 2008

finishing the high spots

We at the point of getting things finished up on the "high side" of the barn. Trimming out the copula, roof flashing etc. and I can't believe how these "men folk" just get the work done.

Even "my" Ed is getting so he is pretty comforty being so high off the ground, and worked from the lift and a roof ladder to assist Ken at the top.....

Steve worked from the staging and got the front trim work done....

But Ken still "beats all" as he takes a little break...................

badge day

A few months ago, my friend Alex (who I have known from the horse world for years!!!) asked if I would be able to attend "Girl Scout Badge Day" with a couple of dogs, and do a little demo on dog obedience. Well, I am (at heart) a show off, and any time I can go and do something with the dogs.... I am all there!!!!

Today, after we finished teaching classes, Moxie, Camille and I headed over for badge day. The "little" girls there couldn't have been cuter, and were such great sports with regards to my demo. Course, Moxie and Camille couldn't have been any happier than to be the center of attention.

Now, what does one do with regards to an "obedience demo", well, certainly show the dogs off a little (but honestly, they were both pretty tired from classes, so I have to admit, weren't at their very best!!!) But, more than that, I want to try and have the girls understand what it is like to "train".

So, I came up with this idea... using M&M's as "treats" and coming up with some strange sounding words, I showed the girls what it might be like for a dog to learn a new word and then receive an award after figuring it out. Here is one little gal that was happy to volunteer and figured out that "Moo-be-shoo" meant "please sit in the chair"!!! Then I had the girls pair up, one as trainer the other as trainee, and we came up with two different words... "cheerios" meant lay on the floor and "Pinnocho" meant twirl around. The girls had mini packs of M&M's to offer as a reward, and judging from the laughter in the room, I think the idea was a big hit. However, I do think there was some "serious" moments where the girls were actually thinking of what it might be like to be a dog trying to figure out this "training thing".

After our "training game" , we had some question and answer time and in a flash, it was all over!!!!

For Cami the best part of the day came at the end, when she was surrounded by all the girls scouts, though, I doubt she had her fill of the patting.

And special thanks to Cindi!!! who, took these photos so I could post the blog!!!!