Thursday, April 19, 2007

what's up

You would think that with nearly a week of rain, I would have done tons of blogging!!! Not, that I wasn't inside...just seems like there wasn't time, its been a busy week around here!!!

Before you get too excited, NO, we do not have another cocker, we did, however, have a baby guest over the weekend!!!

This is Carley, and she belongs to Karen. Since Karen was going off for the weekend, she asked Sadie if she would "mind watching her"... (guess what Sadie's answer was!!) We all had a blast with her, but I am not too sure what the "big dogs" thought. Carley is afraid of nothing, and wanted to be with the big guys and do everything that they were doing!!! For the most part the big dogs proved to be quite patient with her and let her almost get away with everything.... Moxie and Hunter were probably the two that said what needed to be said, but, it was a good lesson for little Miss Carley...... and she got some insight into "new pack rules" (she lives with other dogs at Karen's, but of course, this was a whole different crew!!!)

Carley even went to Becker College with us on Tues. Sadie, Ed and I went down to "new student day" to check out the campus and all the things that they have to offer. What a nice little campus it is, and Sadie felt very comfortable and excited to be there. Looks like that will be "home" for her next fall. They have a wonderful equine program, (beautiful barn, indoor arena, outdoor arena, etc. etc.) and Sadie is thinking that she would like to sign up for the equine team next fall once she is settled. We like the fact that it is only a couple hours from home, so she can easily drive home when she wishes, and/or we can pop down and see her....

And Titus has a new home!!! I was quite "worried" about him being in the small tank, so we went out and got one that was twice the size!!!! He is much happier in his new home, and I am finding out that turtle keeping is a bit of work!!! Not that I didn't think there wouldn't be, but turtles as pet are rather fussy and if you wish to keep the happy, you need to pay attention.

Keeping the tank and water clean is probably the hardest, turtles aren't exactly what you would consider a "clean pet", but I think I am finally on a routine that works. I have really enjoyed watching him and he actually has become quite personable.. he will eat out of your hand.. but doesn't really know finger from food, so if you do it, you need to be careful. He is great fun to watch when he is up on his sun rock under his little heat light. He either has his little head up, looking all about, or is snuggled deep in his shell taking a little snooze. I need to get a pic of the new cabinet Ed made for his tank to sit on... I had thought Titus would be moved to the sunroom when it was finished, but I think I like him right in the living room and his tank and cabinet make a nice looking piece of furniture.

Nate has been able to check in with Kas and his family since his arrival in Iraq... he is doing well, but misses us all greatly. We hate to rush the summer, but November can't come quick enough... though he is one week closer to home now...... please continue in your prayers for him.

And on a sad note, my dear friend Kim (the gal who made that wonderful coffee cake for my birthday) lost her morgan mare, Lacey, to colic on Tues. Needless to say, Kim is very sad, and I would ask all of you to lift her up in your prayers for healing and strength as she goes thru this very sad ordeal.

So, that's about it on the blogging end for now...................................