Thursday, February 15, 2007


When I heard about the "big snows" that were due to arrive on Valentine's Day... AND the fact that Sadie and Josh were scheduled to fly out on that day.... I was not a happy camper. But my dear hubby came to the rescue (as he so often does) and got the kids the chance to fly out a day early!!!

So, yesterday... after a phone call from NC that reported everyone there safe and sound!!! The day turned out to be just perfect!! Ed stayed home from work, and we spent the day together, plowing and visiting (had a nice cup of coffee with Josh's family after we got them dug out!!!) and just getting used to what it will be like with "kids that aren't living at home".

Most of the afternoon I worked on yet another "quilt top" find, and actually have it very close to finished. I should have it done today or tomorrow, it's a good one, even if I say so myself.

I got a couple of shots outside just before dark. I really wanted to get a couple of the cockers outside. They have to "swim" to go anywhere. But, my sissy house dogs, want only to be out long enough to take care of business and then get back in beside that woodstove!!! Can't say I really blame them... not only is the snow past their bellies, but its only about 12 degrees, with a good stiff wind. The horses aren't too happy, having been stuck inside for the last 24 ish hours, but the silly creatures they are, they don't know enough to stay inside, and a wet horse with this cold can only bring on trouble. They'll probably get some out time today, since the sun is shining, and maybe will allow me some good shots.

so, for all my fussing about how Maine should be looking this time of year... it finally does. And the really cool thing, we are half way thru Feb. and only March to go... and we can think about ... mud season!!!!