Monday, April 27, 2009

Mocha..... goes to school

Sporting my new "farm sweatshirt" and Mocha in her "new clean coat".... today (and tomorrow) we visited the pre-school where Kassy works. This week their theme is "farm animals" and Mocha was today's farm animal. The weather is so beautiful right now, and it was great fun to see the children with Mocha.

She is very good with children, I have brought her to school before, as well as doing a few parades and other such things. Today, the kids all had a chance to do some "grooming"... everyone enjoyed that... including Mocha..

And after that, we saddled her up and she gave "pony rides" to the children. Everyone took a little ride, because she is so small, no one ever seems to be afraid of her.

A few of the children had never been so close to a horse before, and needed a little hand holding during their ride.... but what's wrong with that. Who knows, it could be the start for their love of horses!!!!

We go back again tomorrow for the "Tuesday kids"... I am looking forward to it.

Kassy and Nate have been doing a great job in cleaning up the yard. Yesterday, Deb and Dave, and Ed and I went to give them a hand. Deb got a new garden put in for Kas and showed her how to care for her new little plants, and Dave, Nate and Ed did some major tree trimming and clean up. It was a nice afternoon.

Kas even made this "puppy potty" for the dog students that I work with. Sadie thought Tatter would be a good model to show this off!!!! Notice there is a hydrant for the boys... and a flat spot (on the other side of the can) for the girls!!! Wondering what my students will think of that tonite when the come!!!!