Sunday, February 15, 2009


This sweet old boy is Amos... he has been a guest for the past week, and heads for home tomorrow. What a darling he is, nearly 10 years old.

But, what is even better than that, is Amos and I have a long history together... I first met him when he was 12 weeks old. I had a wonderful lady call me.... "I understand that you train dogs, and that you make house calls.... I have two golden puppies that I would like you to work with".

Well, as it turned out... I went to the house three times a week to work with Amos and his brother, Andy. Their owner became a good friend (as clients often do!!!) and I stayed on, working with the goldens until they were about 16 months old. They both got their CGC's and I began agility work with them. but, there came the day when they were beautifully trained, and my service wasn't needed any more.

For years, their owner and I kept in contact with occasional phone calls and notes at Christmas time. Then "life" took over (teenagers in my case) and we lost touch.

Last June, my friend called... "I understand that you are still training!!! How are you?? I have two new puppies, would you come and work with them??" Course one of my first questions was... do you still have Andy and Amos... and it turned out that she did.

So, I went out to her farm and began working with the puppies, but I have to say the greeting I got from Andy and Amos was overwhelming.... there is no doubt that they remembered me from all those years ago.

My second week back to work the new puppies was bittersweet... Andy had passed away due to cancer. I felt so very sad, and yet so very grateful that I had been able to see him that one last time before he "left"... Amos was thrilled to see me again, and I couldn't resist doing just a little obedience with him.... he seemed so happy to "work" for me again.

My friend called me a month ago and asked if I could dog sit while they took a little vacation. I was so happy to have them... the two new puppies, and dear sweet Amos!!! all to myself. He has been a wonderful house guest, and the first to be invited to sleep in our bedroom at night!!!

It's very rare that I get to see my "puppy students" in their later years. It always surprises me when a client calls with a new puppy and says, "you trained my other dog.... 10, 12, 15 years ago"... because in my mind they are still the little puppies that were in class... I know they have grown up and aged.. but I am sort of like your first grade teacher.. who will always think of you as a child instead of a grown up.... So, to have Amos here has been a real joy.. and who can pass that dear face!!!!

"nascar" Sunday...

Today was the running of the Daytona 500... and the NASCAR season has begun, much to the delight of my dear Ed!!! Since I knew that he would be sticking close to the TV this afternoon (after waiting all winter!!!) I loaded up some cockers and went down to the barn to "play". I have been wanting to get that new harness on Mocha, and can't believe a whole week has gone by and I hadn't done that.

Annabelle was very interested in this pile of "leather"... probably thought it was some new toy for her. I have found my driving whip in various places in the barn... she likes to grab the end of it and haul it around. Just hope she doesn't take out the door one day!!!

After a lot of fussing, buckling, unbuckling, I got the harness to fit Mocha. She stood (for the most part) quietly on the cross ties, letting me work on the harness. We did some ground driving, took her out on the road for a little walk about, and she was a pretty good girl. She did get a bit of an attitude when I made her walk past the driveway and not allow her to turn towards home... but that's a horse for you. And the fact that Silver was pitching a fit and calling for her, didn't exactly help.

Just as I was finishing up, Betty came... (I was missing her!!) She had a lesson with our trainer, Laura, so didn't get to the barn until later in the afternoon. Since Mocha wasn't completely unharnessed, I told Betty that she could take her out for a bit if she wanted to... which she did. Mocha wasn't so happy about that idea... she thought she had done her work... too bad!!!!

While Betty was working Mocha, I took a little walk around the farm, and got some pictures from a different angle.

Always curious, Duke, walked down to the end of the pasture to see what I was up to...(Tonka and Silver were following Betty and Mocha along the fence line)

As "promised".. I got some pictures of the "false floors" that the guys are working on upstairs. This space gives us places to run electrical and plumbing and the like. Course it looks a little funny now, but once it's done and the plywood goes over, you won't even know that they exist.

this is one of the bedrooms...

and this is "our room"... looking towards the bathroom...

So, Ed had an afternoon enjoying "one of this things" and I had an afternoon enjoying "my things"... nice way to begin a new week......