Thursday, August 09, 2007


I have seen in my day, a number of dogs who love the water.... but Charlie... is "crazy"!!! Anytime there is water around, you can pretty much find Charlie in it. At camp, he spends hours in the lake, chasing sticks, swimming after the ducks, or just "fishing" along the shore line. He also likes to watch things related to water. Kas and Nate actually bought him two gold fish... and yes, he will sit near the tank and just watch them float about.
He is equally fascinated with Titus's pool (Iooks a little like my fountain dog in this shot!!!) he would be in that pool if we didn't keep an eye on him!!! I can't believe how long he is able to balance like this!!!! And when Titus is in his pool, I can almost hear Charlie thinking... "he's so lucky!!"

And look at this handsome bunch!!! I'll tell you for someone who isn't that excited about "black cockers" funny how I ended up with three of them in the house!!! Maybe I should explain myself... it's just with all the colors that are in the cocker breed, I don't find the solid blacks that exciting (guess I am more of a parti gal!!!) but these boys are pretty great, and I do love them dearly. Obviously Cole is fitting in just fine, almost like he never left us in the first place!!!! (Trevor is the in front wearing the red collar, that's Cole in the back with the white muzzle, and Hunter is on the other side!!!!)

I can't believe the week is at the end, it's been a busy one, and has flown by. It's been a great treat to have Rachael here with us, and I have spent my days "playing" at the barn... nothing's been done around the house, but I have a feeling it will all be waiting for me next week!!!!