Monday, February 02, 2009

movie review...

We haven't "been to the movies" in ages, and now, we have seen two movies within just a month!!! Saturday, we met with the Flagg side of the family and went and saw "New In Town". We had seen the trailer at "Marley and me" and everyone felt that this was our Kassy!!!! See, aside from the fact that Nate was often away when he was in the marine corps... Kassy loved living in North Carolina!!! Who can blame her, it is beautiful there and if I ever chose to live in a "warmer climate" I think North Carolina would be high on the list... any who... moving back to New England was bittersweet for Kas. It meant being back with family, having Nate home all the time, but it also meant... New England winter!!! which she has never been fond of!!!
And so, goes the story in a way, with this movie. When it comes to seeing movies, I chose them VERY carefully... for one, it's expensive to go and see something that will probably be on DVD in a few months. And two, movies these days often are not the best either in language, actions or themes. I just don't care to waste good money on something of that nature. But this little movie lived up to all my "rules"... it was fun, absolutely NO language of "any kind", no "detailed" action (if you understand my meaning!!!).. it was simply a fun, happy, entertaining little movie!!! Perfect for family viewing or simply an outing on a winter night.
So, if you are just looking for something fun and light to watch, either take a movie night or rent it when it comes out on DVD.... you will be entertained!!!