Sunday, August 19, 2007

heaven bound....

It is with a heavy heart, that we bid goodbye to "Mommy Kay" and send her home to be with God and her loved ones that have gone ahead.

She was born in Canada, on March 17, 1915 (St. Patrick's Day). These pictures were taken this past March, on her 92nd birthday, when we had a little party for her with a number of family members. This was a great day, and as you can see from the smile on her face, a very happy day indeed!!

She was an amazing lady, a nurse by trade, until she married Ed Walsh (whom we called "Papa Ted") and the two of them ran the moving company, Wood Bros. Moving and Storage. After Papa Ted passed, Ed and Bill took over the operations of the company and ran that until this past Friday (August 17) the company has now been sold to another person. (more on this story later.. but let's just say, its been a rather long weekend!!!)

Mommy Kay was very elegant!! I think I saw her ONCE in her pj's after 8:00 in the morning. She always believed that you got up in the morning, got dressed (including your jewelry and shoes!!!) and got your day started. You never went out without being totally "put together"!!! You also exercise everyday (walking and climbing stairs were her two favorites!!!)say your prayers, sing (she was in the church choir for many, many years) and you live life to it's fullest.... which is probably why she lived so long!!!

She was, no doubt, blessed... with good health and a close family, which when it comes down to it... is what really matters in life. She loved her children, grandchildren... and all my silly spaniels!!!!! (Moxie attended her birthday party!!!) To say that we are going to miss her, is almost a waste of space... because you know that we will. But to go home to heaven, in peace and love has to be one of the most amazing things in life and I can only imagine all the hugs and kisses she received at the gates!!! So, until the day we are all together again........ "say hello to everyone there, Mommy Kay".