Thursday, November 09, 2006

The BIG boys

Here they are, my BIG guys!! The picture of Silver was actually taken the day that I bought him. It was in May 1997 !! I remember the first time I saw him, look at that face, how could he not be mine!! Though I did have to apologize to him later, because my first comment was "He's White??" (I was thinking my first horse would be black!!!) I didn't really find him. I had been riding with Laura for a couple of years, and one day told her "I am ready to own my first horse". I gave her a price range, and told her when she had found "him" . let me know. Laura knew my riding skills and what a first horse should be like. Silver was 18-19 years old when I got him and Laura told me I would "out ride" him, but that he could teach me a lot about owning a horse-----was she ever right about that.

I rode Silver for about 8 years, as my riding level improved, so did his "creeky-ness" and I found that I was needing (wanting) a younger horse with a little more spunk. It was time to retire my old boy. Laura suggested that I find a "kid" who would like their first horse, but I couldn't part with my old friend. So, I found a little barn to keep him, and his official title now is "pasture pet", keeping Tonka in line, and the occasional ride by small people. At 27ish, he is in good shape, and I love him dearly.

In July 04, I bought Tonka. I had been looking for a second horse for about a year. Taking the advise of Laura and a number of other horse friends, I took my time and thought carefully when looking at a horse. I wanted "something" a little bigger than Silver, possibly a horse that I could drive as well as ride. I found Tonka at Carousal Horse Farm, where they import drafts and drafts crosses from Canada... Tonka was born in Newfoundland. Ed and I went to an open house, and the load of horses that Tonka was in had just arrived. I didn't ride Tonka that first time, as they had only been off the truck for about 24 hours, but I did make an appointment to go back and see him, and brought a horse friend and a video camera. He gave me a nice ride and my friend filmed, so that I could show it to Laura and a few others.

Most everyone thought he looked good, so he came home for a 10 day trail, where I could have him seen by my vet, my farrier and Laura. He passed all their tests.. and the rest is history!!!!

All my little girl dreams of horse owning had come true and even more so, for I never thought there would be two!! I have a feeling that when we are settled on the farm, two will become more, but that will remain to be seen!!

Patchwork day

I often have days that seem more like a patch work quilt than real life. Now, I know from the quilts that I make, lots of little pieces can go together and make something really amazing at the end... And maybe my "patchwork" days are something like that... All sorts of little jobs that need attending, but at the end of the day... Everything is done!!

Yesterday, was one of those days. It began at 5:30 am, when I got up... A bit earlier than usual, because one of my daycare puppies arrives at 6:00 am. I only have him a few days a month.. A cute little aussie puppy called Teddi. His owner is working on her degree and has to travel to Mass. a few days, which makes a very long day for a puppy to be crated at home. Since she could not find any doggie daycares open at that hour, she found me and asked. Now, I am saving up for Tonka's driving harness, so "when money comes knocking at your door" its worth getting up at 5:30 to answer it!!!!

At 7:00 am, my second daycare doggie arrived. This is a cute little aussie cross, who comes four days a week, his name is Kobe, and secretly... He and Tazzy are in love!!!

After the daycare dogs are settled, I let the "big" dog crew out to do their thing. Then they are all back in waiting for breakfast. I get the bowls filled up, dogs back into kennels, and FINALLY have a cup of coffee... Well really my second, because the first was at 5:30!!! While they are eating, I play around on the computer, make a few of the bill collectors happy and realize... Its time to put the club's newsletter together! So into "editor" I go!!!

While I play with the newsletter, the "puppies" need out time, so Tazzy, Teddi, Kobe, and Apollo all go out to play (more on Apollo later) while the "older dogs" Moxie, Hunter, Trevor, Camille, Charlie and Sedona (a guest dog and almost family member) all find the new bones I got them, or just hang around the house, doing their doggie things. Its nice that everyone gets along so well, you would hardly even notice that there are 10 dogs in the house!!!

The newsletter, all finished, now gets dropped off at the copy place, on my way out to do a private training. Nice little Wheaton puppy whose owners have not had a dog before, and have lots to learn!!!!

From there its out to the barn to see the big boys!!! Since its now about noontime, all Silver and Tonka want is lunch. Cuddle time can wait, they tell me!!! Muck out the stalls, play with the boys for a bit, and head home.

Dogs back out for play time, lunch for me... Laundry to catch up on and vacuuming (remember there are 10 dogs in the house!!!) and then dinner time for dogs, because I have three classes to teach this evening.

So looking over this patchwork day.. Bookkeeper, editor, daycare provider, trainer, barn fairy, house fairy!!!! And I wonder where the day has gone... Where the weeks go!!!!

Course the really cool thing about all this, its all my doing... If I don't like it, I can only blame myself. But in truth... I do like it ... I like it very much!!!!!!!!!!!