Thursday, December 23, 2010

day before the day before....

Today is the "day before the day before". Which means, it's the 23rd. I always made a fuss about this day when the kids were little, because it usually mean that "everything" was done, and yet the excitement of Christmas still was to happen. I love this day. This year however, it was a day for me to catch up, I still had some shopping to finish up, so I met up with Kas and she, Abbie and I spent the day together (Sadie had to work and Ed wasn't "allowed"). We had such a nice day, poking around the stores, going out to lunch and just taking a bit of time to unwind before it all begins again.

We had the shortest day of the year on the 21st!!! and already the days are 2 minutes longer!!! Spring must be just around the corner!!!! We got a bit of snow, so we'll have a "white Christmas" just enough to make it look the way New England should.

Tomorrow night, we will be spending time with the Flagg side of the family.. Christmas Day will be breakfast at Kas and Nate's ( in our "old" house).. then onto my folks... I am sure the day will fly by (sadly)... but the day after Christmas, it will be back at the farm for turkey.

so... in the day of downtime.. I am taking in every moment that Christmas has to offer....and hoping you my friends are doing the same. Enjoy!!!!!