Thursday, September 24, 2009

movin' dirt

It's funny how people look at things, and this has happened time and time again with our building project. I see "something" that I "want done now" and Ed sees another thing that he "would like done now". For example... dirt piles. I know I have mentioned them before, and I know they are a necessary evil, but I just "hate" seeing all those piles sitting around all over the farm!!! I think it make the place look like a "construction zone" (oh ya, it IS a construction zone).. but I don't like them just the same. And, for me, having them moved and flattened out will be a big deal!!!

Ed's "big deal" was getting the house completed vinyled!!! He couldn't wait to see it all weather tight and finished!! And to know that aside from a few doorway trims, it will never have to be painted or"maintained"... it's done!!!

So, that "wish" came true last week. The vinyl is completely done, including sending the lift back. And if you look carefully in this photo, just the white trim around the two front doors need paint, but other than that, all "outside" work on the house is done.

And that leads to the next "dilemma".. what do we do next?? The sheet rock project is well underway thanks to some long weekends (and extra help) and of course that needs to be done. BUT, we're into some really good weather right now, and it's good time to move dirt!!! So, Ed is trying to divide himself between the two projects... dirt moving and sheet rocking!!! The game plan is, if the dirt can be moved and settled, we might even have a bit of "growing time" and could get a jump on the lawn. Which would be a good idea for next spring's rain and "mud season"... and of course, it would be much easier to plow if you don't have to dodge dirt piles.

God Bless our little green tractor!!! Because it has been chugging along, and bit by bit, the dirt is being moved. I see a big difference in just a few afternoons of work!!! and I am so excited to see "my project" happening. The house is beginning to
"come down".. I feel like it has been sticking up in the air with all the dirt moved away from it, and now it's beginning to look more normal. It's fun too, to begin our landscaping ideas, and figuring out where we will put things. We have a couple of rock walls to make, (in order to use all those great rocks we have "found", and it will help move the water and such into the places that we want it to go) I would like to plant some trees and the like, and perhaps put in a garden or two. Now that the "land" is beginning to "show", I can almost see these projects!!! AND, it won't be long before we can see the front of the house and not have it hidden behind great mounds of dirt!!!

OH.. "MR. G" has been a busy guy lately. Aside from his usual job of protecting his chickens, Mocha and the barn yard in general.. ridding the world of yucky bugs, and just being his handsome self (can you tell that I am really fond of this bird!!!)..he has also kept track of other bird members of the farm.

We moved all the babies into the big stall after the turkeys went to Turkey Manor. So, the Silkies, the Rocks and the Keets, have been all together. At first there was some scuffles as to "who was whom", but they have all settled in. The keets really aren't "keets" anymore, and have gown almost to their adult size... and SOUND!!! Sadly, out of the original six that I bought, only two have survived, and I am pretty sure one is a hen and the other a cockerel. Anyways, when they get "singing" Mr. G. comes running, and he can't wait to get to meet them. I, however, am being a bit smarter this time, and these birds will not be going outside until next spring. I am NOT having another winter where we are trying to get birds out of the pine trees to come in at night, nor worry about them getting cold or eaten. So, these guys are staying in. Besides, if that hen begins to lay next spring, I would like to try and raise my own little group of keets. So, Mr. G. will have be happy peeking thru the door and saying his hellos that way.

I have also found it quite funny at the way he hangs out around Turkey Manor. I would like to know what he is telling these guys, or maybe he is just showing off that he has the freedom to roam around the farm and they don't. Course, I'm not really sure that they care.... but, I don't think he would really want to tangle with them... you can see how much bigger they are. I "fear" they won't be with us much longer, they're beginning to eat us out of house and home, and I am already wondering if some of them will fit in the oven.....

but that's another blog......