Sunday, September 28, 2008


A couple weeks ago, I was given the nicest gift. A beautiful scrap book that was made by my friend/dog student Kelli. She has been taking pictures of her hubby, Rick and their Boxer, Mindy as they attended classes. She then put them into this book as a present for me. I have had a grand time looking at all the pictures and seeing all the dogs that have been in class together. She also put in all kinds of stickers and sayings that really add to the pages. I have only scrap booked one page, so I can only appreciate the time and thought that she put into it..... thank you again, Kelli, it's beautiful and I will treasure it always!!!!

Then... brother Bill, came up to the farm with another gift for me!!!! An old fashion "dinner bell"!!! He had a friend hand forge this and it is a copy of a dinner bell that was in a barn in Rowley, MA. It's hard to see, but the plate on the top is carved out and says Sweetgrass Farm. Bill was going to do the cooking for me at the tracking clinic, and he thought the bell would be perfect to call us in from the field when it was time for lunch. AS you all know, this wasn't able to happen, but, this bell will be hung and used at future meals times... maybe to call Ed in from the field!!!!! so, a big thank you to Bill... it was a great thought and I will treasure this as well!!!!

Well.... I have always felt a bit sorry for Mocha... being a mini, when she is in a regular stall... she really can't see what is going on in the barn like the big guys can. She is always sure she is going to miss out on meals or treats (and let's us know with very loud whinnies!!!)... and I just feel like she is in a big box. So, I asked Ed if we could make an opening in the bottom of her stall door, so she can peek out and be a part of the "world". Ed had our friend , Greg, weld up a panel and today he got it installed in her door. Not only does it look nice, but I can tell you Mocha certainly appreciates it....

Once she realized how much she could see... she stood in front of the door enjoying all the attention and watching me sweep the alleyway and Ed drop down a bale of hay. It does look a little like she is in jail... but really, it's her window on the world..... and now she won't miss out on anyone who wants to come and visit!!!!

all for a turtle!!!!

I got up yesterday morning and nearly pitched a fit... well, maybe I did pitch a fit.... because, there were peaks of sun and no rain at all. I cancelled the tracking clinic because "they" told us all about the "extremely rainy weekend" we would have, with chances of mild flooding, etc etc... and I see the sun!!!! I turn on the weather and now "they" say, "we have a bit of a lull in the stormy weather and for the most part the morning will be good"... thanks a lot!!!!

I run down to the barn, do morning chores and head back home. Just as I am getting out of the shower, the phone rings... it is a dog student of mine, they are at the barn looking for the tracking clinic... oh NO!!!... I sort of forgot that I had invited all of my classes to pop in and watch the clinic... I have no idea who might be showing up to watch.... great!!!

Ed and I run back to the barn... and actually find a few of my students there. Fortunately, they were all happy to look around the barn, meet the horses and "see" where I now live. I still feel bad that they made the trip and didn't see the clinic... but, you know... I really just have to let it go.

Since it appeared that we had an "extra" day, I thought that maybe we should go and move Titus. I had left him with Kas and Nate when we moved, just because moving that tank of his is a project all of it's own... and requires manpower!!! It wasn't raining, so I thought, good let's get it done.

We asked Nate if he would help (course he was happy to do so) and told Kas and Nate that if they could come to Acton to help us move the tank in, I would feed them supper to boot... such a deal.

It took me over an hour to break the tank down... I also got everything cleaned, thinking that way, I could just set it back up when we got it in. The idea worked well, but was time consuming.

Wouldn't you know just as we were ready to load the tank into the back of the truck, the sky opened and the rain began.. so much for the lull.... poor Ed and Nate were nearly soaked by the time the tank, stand, and all the equipment was loaded into the truck. (what is IT with me and the weather this weekend???)

The ride home went well. Titius wasn't too happy about being stuck in card board box... but all in all, it was uneventful.

It was pouring when we got back.... Ed and Nate hauled the tank in, Kas began to start supper, and I began to get Titus's house back together. After we were settled in, I looked at the four of us, eating supper, wet to the skin and thought "all of this for a silly turtle".... but today, as he happily swims about his tank and comes over to say hello... I am very glad... I like my little turtle!!!! I also like the idea that we will only move this thing one more time!!!

And the rain has finally come. Aside from ruining my weekend plans, it really is pretty. The lake has a different sound with the rain... and because it's tropical.. the weather is very warm... almost like an August day.

The horses seem to enjoy it, they are out grazing every day.... and Mocha is doing just fine, so what ever she had... has passed.

We got a fair amount of rain during the night, so I am watching the docks, there is a good chance the water will be over them before the day is done. We will need to pulling them out within the next couple of weeks, can't believe the "summer" season has come to the end......

Friday, September 26, 2008

does it have to be this weekend???

Back in February (I think it was) I told my dog club that it might be fun to hold a tracking clinic in the fall on our farm. Everyone thought that would be a fine idea, so we hired a judge and people signed up, and I have been waiting all summer to host the clinic. All week, I have been fussing around the barn, getting Ed to put things here and there and making it look as good as possible. I have been excited for friends to come and see the barn, the house being built and enjoy our field with their dogs..... THEN... around Tuesday, they started talking rain for the weekend. Oh come on.... NOT this weekend.

work on the house is really coming along. Tony, as promised, made the back yard look beautiful after getting the septic system in. My dogs are going to have a great place to run around, and that walk out cellar is a dream come true. Now, with rain on the way... I hope the dirt will stay in place... because it's not just "rain".. it's a tropical storm (Kyle) coming up the east coast, and even though we live "in-land" we can still be in for some heavy rains.....

Playing it on the safe side... our builder.. Ken covered everything up and got all the tools and equipment tucked under cover....

His efforts paid off, because this morning, it was raining.. earlier than predicted... after much thought, I decided we best cancel the tracking clinic..... it just isn't fun working in the rain... with wet dogs who are trying to figure out just what you are talking about.....

and the forecast looks very wet right thru Monday....

I gave the horses a quick breakfast and let them out... a little rain won't hurt and they might be stuck inside the rest of the weekend if we get high winds. I had a doctor's appointment, so Ed and I didn't get back to the barn until early afternoon. The big boys were out grazing... I went to get my rake to do stalls when I heard Ed say "what's wrong with Mocha?"
I don't know "what's wrong with Mocha"... I look and see her laying just outside her stall door... shivering... OH NO.. this is NOT good. I called to her and she didn't get up... so I grab her halter and tell her she has to get up... she does. We bring her in, check her over.... I take her temperature... normal.. but she is shivering.... so, while Ed begins to walk her up and down the alley way.. I call the vet... can you guess.... his day off. But they give me his cell phone number and some suggestions for Mocha... Keep her moving, maybe give her a good curry to warm her up.. cover her... see if she will eat.

We offered her some hay.. she picks at it... unusual for my "piggie mini".... I covered her with a blanket (I don't have a mini blanket.. next thing on my list).... and then-- am relieve to see her poop...ya!!!! she goes back to her hay and is a bit more interested. I begin to pick out the other stalls, keeping a close eye on her. After a bit, she seems to be warming up, and much more interested in hay. From what we can guess, she just got chilled out in the wind and rain. And because she hates to be in the barn alone.... when the boys were out, she stayed out. I close her in, close her window and think that if she gets upset that the boys are out and she is stuck in, her moving about will be good for her.

The vet called back... he waed a little worried about colic but happy to hear that she has pooped, eaten and seems more lively... he told me just to keep an eye on her. We have checked her twice more.. this last time, she seemed back to her old self, and happily went after the hay that I brought ... so I guess we are ok and I hope that I can get some sleep tonite....

So, no tracking clinic... close watch on a little horse, and tropical rains..... not exactly what I had planned for the weekend....

oh well....................

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

it's a ....

House!!! The truck arrived bright and early this morning with all the timbers for the house. Since the drive was too tight of a turn, it was just as easy to bring the "lull" out and grab the bundle of timbers and bring them into the house site.

Ed couldn't help himself and had to open one of the bundles and take a peek. They are beautiful and smell so good!!!

The "builders" got the cellar walk out wall framed up yesterday. Today was a lot of "fuss work".. just getting everything measured and plumbed... when I left this afternoon, they were beginning to get the "deck" put on the foundation.

Course you always have to have a little "playtime" on the farm. Ed's little John Deere tractor has been acting up. He's pretty sure that it's just a matter of old gas, but still the ol' gal wouldn't start. Being a "crank start"... it would have been alot of work to get her going... so, brother Bill brought up his old tractor.. and with a bit of pulling and some fresher gas....

he got her running again!!!

say cheeze!!!

Doesn't this guy just make you smile???

This is Beau, he belongs to Dan (one of the site crew) "poor" Beau was sent to the truck, because he thought that the 6 inch pipe that the men were laying on the ground for the septic system.. would be fun to "retrieve"!!! I wish I had taken a picture of this big goofy guy running around with a length of pipe!!!! He only thought he was helping!!!!

And this handsome guy is Oden... Tony's dog. Oden is being trained as a "blood scenting dog".... here in Maine, you can get special permits to train your dog to track wounded game (like deer).... at the moment there are only a handful of dogs that have their certificates to do this work.... Oden is just a year old... and I'm not sure when he can get his certificate... but Tony is working on his training right now...
I do have some views on the whole hunting thing... but the idea of knowing that some poor deer won't be left to die for no reason.. sits well with me. If Oden can track it down, so that it is not "wasted".... I think that is a pretty good thing. I didn't realize that the "blood scent" thing existed.. I dare say Tony will be called out on a number of cases. But in the meantime... Oden is happy to be with Tony.. doing "digger work".....

chuggin along

Now that the "site crew" has the foundation all back filled and ready for the builders.... they move their attention to the septic system. And again, Tony amazes me with his abilities to run that big "digger" and put everything just so!!!!

The other thing that is great fun, is the number of dogs that come along with the men. All of them had asked me if it was ok to bring their dogs to the work site... course, you don't have to check with me about dogs!!! And from a "trainers" point of view, I have had great fun watching all of them. I wish more dogs could have this sort of thing in their lives..... because they are so busy all day long, there is no doubt in my mind that they "crash" when they get home at night. Because the men have their minds on other things, these dogs have to "stay around" and have good recalls.... they all do!!! And because they do get to travel about, they have learn to be very social and good.... as of yesterday, there were four dogs on site.... two were "intact" males, and there wasn't one bit of trouble anywhere. Expect they do get under foot once on twice!!!!!

Before they leave the job, Tony assures me that my "back yard" will be "pretty"!!! They will cover everything over, bring in the loam... and seed it to boot!!! Might be that I will have a little grass growing before cold weather!!!!

Speaking of grass, the "boys" have done quite a job with the grazing area that we set up. As you know I was a little worried about getting them back on grass, and had a pretty small area for them to start out on.

Well, they made pretty quick work of it, to the point where we had to bump the paddock area out.

Pretty easy to see where the "old paddock" ends and the new one begins!!! Needless to say they were very happy to move into the new area....guess that "formula" of one acre per horse seems pretty realistic.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

a birthday ride

Tomorrow is Dave's birthday, so to celebrate, Nate planned a day on the motorcycles. We skipped out on church this morning and met for breakfast. Kas and Nate were on their bike, Ed and I on our bike and Dave on his bike. Deb followed in the car (thank goodness.... because the ride was too cold at first for Kas, and we had somewhere to put out "shopping goodies" that wouldn't fit on the bikes!!!)

It was an absolutely grand day. Still a bit warm for this time of year, and the leaves are just beginning to turn... but we couldn't have "asked" for better weather!!! I love riding the bike on the "back roads"... the traffic is less, you can take your time and really see the countryside. Ed and I have to make a "habit" of getting out more often... winter will be here soon, and the bike will be tucked away... so we need to enjoy it while we can.

People have asked if I miss living near the ocean.. and of course I do. But I have to say the "lake region" is just as pretty. I guess as long as I am near some body of water.. I am a happy gal.

Once the leaves are in full color, we will certainly need to make this trip again.

Happy Birthday, Dave... and thanks for the great idea today, Nate!!!!


Ed and I are at the point in our lives where we have "grand dogs!!!" I remember when my own parents were grand dog grandparents, and I used to send them all sorts of photos of their grand dogs and tell them about all the things that they did. Now, I find the same thing happening with our own grand dogs....

We "have" three grand dogs.... they are....

Kato..... (Sadie and Matt's pitbull)

Tatter (Sadie's cocker)

And Charlie.. (Nate and Kassy's cocker)

Now, with the idea of "moving home" Kas and Nate began to talk about getting a second dog.. a little brother (or sister) for Charlie. They really didn't want another cocker and thought that a bigger breed would be fun to have. Looking around, they have "toyed" with the idea of a few different breeds, but so far, nothing seems to be exactly what they want..... UNTIL...

Yesterday!!! when this little bundle of joy entered the world!!!!

I didn't say too much about him in yesterday's blog.. but actually this little "chap" and I already have a "history" together.... for when he arrived in the world, he wasn't breathing, and I had great fear that we "had lost him" during his birth. I wasn't about to let him go without a good try, and after a few anxious moments, he began to come around..... and within a few hours, he was up and around and "wrestling" with his littermates over his spot on Mom. Right away, he became my "favorite" and a special little blessing in his own right.

Well, after sharing the details of this story with Kas and Nate... they asked... "do you think Mary would consider us as "parents" for your special puppy?" so, we called and talked with Mary... and it looks like we will have a "new grand dog" within a few months!!!!

How cool is that?? Kas and Nate will have a new baby... I get to have this special guy as a part of my life, and Mary will be able to watch him grow up......

Seems God has blessed us with another gift!!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

midwife duties!!!!

As some of you already know... one thing that is on my "list of favorite things to do".. is to play puppy midwife!!! It is so hard to describe how wonderful it is to watch a new life appear on this earth... especially when "it" is one of my most favorite animals... mainly dogs!!! Last spring I had the great pleasure of assisting my friend Julie and her German Shorthair Pointer with puppies... and I was just thrilled when my friend Mary contacted me late in August to ask if I might be interested in helping her with her Chesapeake Bay Retriever... Rosie. I couldn't wait for the big event.

Then came that "wonderful" little notice with regards to jury duty, and I had great fears that I might have to miss Rosie's puppies coming into the world!!!! Mary wisely made up a list of "people to call", putting my name last, because I just couldn't promise her that I would be there when she needed me. But the Good Lord must have seen that my "services" where better needed for puppies, because last Monday when I reported for jury duty... I did not get picked for any of the three trials that were coming up. I contacted Mary and said I would love to be at the top of the "call list" as the week that the puppies were due.. I would be totally free.

Thursday evening, both Mary and I had our local (dog) club meeting. Rosie was in the "getting ready mode" (not eating great, temperature dropping, out of sorts) and Mary thought that she might be needing me soon. As I was traveling home from the meeting, Mary called on the cell phone... looked like the time was getting close and would I head to her house.

My first "drawback" about now living out in the country... you have to really think about travel time... at the "old" house, most everything was minutes away... but "out here" most everything is a half hour to an hour drive, and with the idea of puppies coming who knows when... I hustled along. When I arrived, Rosie was definitely looking "ready".. I felt pretty sure that we would have puppies by 3:00 am.. so I settled into Mary's guest room for a short snooze. A few times in the night, we were up with Rosie... things looking promising.. and then she would settle down and look at all of us like "why are you all up in the middle of the night". This is Rosie first litter, and often times with a young dog and a "first timer" they will and can fight off labor pains, not understanding what it is all about... so, you often have "long nights" with them. Well, Thursday turned into Friday with no puppies.

I thought about heading home Friday morning, but each time I thought I would leave, Rosie would start in again, and I just didn't want to miss out. So, it looked like I would just be camping out with Mary and "her" Ed until the big event. All of Friday day was off and on.. as a rule, most dogs I have worked with never have "daytime puppies".. so it was pretty sure that I would be staying over another evening. I have to say, Mary and Ed took "very good care of me".... I was "spoiled" with all kinds of good eats, and it was wonderful to have such a nice long visit with them both. Mary and I have been friends for longer than I can think, but with our busy lives, we seldom have the chance to sit and talk about anything and everything... you can easily do that when waiting for puppies, and we certainly did. I had a great chance to talk with her Ed as well, I have always liked Ed very much and it was great fun to hear more about his life... he has some very interesting stories to share.

FINALLY around 7:00 pm (Friday) Rosie had to give into "her job". And her first little puppy was born around 7:30.. a beautiful little girl. Though the first couple of puppies were a little scary for poor Rosie, by the time the third one came, she now knew her "job" and really got to work. She was wonderful to midwife for.. and by 3:00 am (Saturday) morning.. Rosie, Mary and Ed (& Luke - the daddy dog) were now the proud parents of 8 beautiful puppies... 5 boys and 3 girls!!!!

Needless to say, we were all pretty tired by that point and time. Mary and Ed took shifts sleeping by the whelping box and
making sure that Rosie and her new family were settled and doing well... I crashed in Ed's big chair for a few hours.... just too tired to drive home.

I woke around 6:00 am (Saturday), and found Mary snoozing by the box... Rosie greeted me with a tired, but very proud look, and 8 little puppies were all cuddled in with their mom... it was an amazing sight. I bid them a quiet farewell, and snuck out of the house. The sun was just rising and it was a nice ride home after such an amazing couple of days. I doubt I will ever get tired of watching the miracle of birth.

I was happy to catch another few hours of sleep in my own bed. "My Ed" was happy to have me back home..... being the great guy that he is... he had "ran" the farm in my absence... tending to the horses.. the dogs, and still keeping the work crews on task with the house project. He is so supportive of me when I am running off and doing things like this....... (thank you so much sweetheart!!!)

I spoke with Mary later this afternoon... "everyone" is doing well.... it will be so much fun to watch these little "guys" grown over the next couple of months..... I will keep you posted....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

just having way too much fun....

So... while the work goes on around the foundation... and the "keets" are practicing their flying lessons... "work" continues around the farm.
Ed and Nate are wiring the lights in the barn... because of the high ceilings, it's a lot of over head work and I appreciate the way they can both work from a ladder. Soon, there will be electricty to the barn, which I will really apprecaite, because (sadly) the days are already getting shorter.

I have had a couple of questions from horse friends about "what are doing about water for the horses".. I had been lugging it from the camp in a five gallon jug.. which I will assure you, three horses made short work of. But, leave it to "my Ed"... he came up with a great plan. He had this tank that holds around 300 gallons of water. He strapped it to his small trailer, "plumbed" it all up in a spicket style, filled it at the camp, and then brought it down to the barn for me. What a treat!!! I can easily fill buckets now, and this amount of water should last me a little more than a week. So, until the well is hooked in, this is the system that I am using!!!

Another bit of excitement is.. today I got Mocha hitched into her new little cart!!! I have been working on ground driving with her... she needs a ton of work on steering and stopping.. but each day she gets better and better. Today's lesson went so well, that I took the bridle off and thought I would do a bit of leading with her pulling the cart. She did grand!!! In fact, she did so well, that Ed volunteered to sit in the cart as I lead her along. If this keeps up, I might be able to do some "real" driving with her within the next few weeks!!!!

Tonka seems to enjoy watching Mocha work.. it's usually him that has the work going on.. and I do need to get him back in harness again and get his cart work going. I don't know, there just doesn't seem to be enough time in a day anymore...

guess I am having way too much fun......

Monday, September 15, 2008

when good pets go bad...

Well, I don't know if "bad" is the proper word, but it is pretty obvious to us that the move has been harder on them than we would have thought. Our dogs are highly socialized and well trained... I have had them in many situations, and I never thought that the move would have bothered them.

The thing is, we have actually moved twice in the past couple of weeks. See, our house is being built and won't be ready for us to move into until next spring.... so, we have been living in our camp for the past couple of weeks. There is another camp beside us that is "owned by the family"... it's really a regular house (cape style) that Ed and my brother in law, John built almost 20 years ago. The idea of the big camp, was that Ed's parents would retire and live there the better part of the year... but sadly, Ed's Dad passed before that could ever happen and his Mom passed last summer. We decided to try renting it out this past summer, and I am happy to say, that was done with pretty good success.

I was all for living in our little camp for the winter, but Ed had said all along that it would be better for use to move into the big camp. Well, once we had some of our personal things brought into the little camp, I quickly agreed, it would be just too small to spend the entire winter in.... so, once we were done renting the big camp..... we moved into it.

The poor dogs... all summer long I have taught them "not to come over this way" (so not to bother the renters) and now I call for them the moment they leave the property!!!!! If I "can't" find them, I usually walk over to the small camp and find them sitting on the door stoop wondering why I am not there to let them in.

I have also discovered that they really aren't "housebroken"..... they are "doggie door" trained, and with no doggie door to scoot out of whenever they need to... we have found several "presents" in the basement of this camp...they also don't know "where" to go.... so I find myself going outside with them, and encouraging them to "go", but to stay on this property. I know in time they will figure it out... but I just wish I could explain all of this to them. They seem pretty happy here, just confused....

The cats on the other hand, are having a grand time.... technically they have three floors to "play" in... the basement (which I have gated off from the dogs) the first floor and then the second floor. The ceilings in the first floor are part cathedral, and it didn't take Mona too long to make a "look out" on the beams that run across the living room. Dancer soon joined her, and they have great fun, hanging out on the beams and looking down on the "people" below. I dare say, one day they will attempt jumping down.... but so far they are pretty happy just to hang out there.

It's kind of strange to be sitting and just relaxing and feeling like you are being watched... especially when you look up over your head and find out that you ARE being watched!!!

But, it is finally feeling alittle like home, we have our favorite chairs here, and our own bed. The dogs are beginning to get into the routine, and I have figured out what is going on with them... another couple of weeks, and we should have it down pat......

now just get thru jury duty....................

the "guineas"

I heard on the news this morning, that the stock market is way down..... well (not making light of that situation, because I know that it is important)... but, maybe someone from Wall street should come and take a peek on the farm...

Because, with a bit of coaching from Mom.. the guinea keets are definitely "up".... Mom is beginning flying lessons and the keets are just so very proud of themselves... flying "all the way to the top" of the dog crate that I have in their stall. They are the funniest creatures to watch, and they fly up... peck around for a bit and then launch themselves off. A couple have actually had small flights across the stall.. course, stopping before they run into the wall or the door has been another matter!!!!

Pearl, I think, is pretty pleased with her brood... we have some neat colors showing up as well.... three look very much like mama, two will definitely be white and one is a little tan/fawn color.

I am amazed at how fast they are growing, and I think we may need a "roof" on that stall before much longer....

Friday, September 12, 2008

construction.. part 1

So, now that we are "somewhat" settled, and the horses are settled... it's time to think about the house and get ready for the arrival of timbers!! (which should be happening within a few weeks). Fortunately, Nate has some time on his hands right now, so Ed has "hired him on" to help get us caught up. The first thing that needed to get done was tarring the foundation. What a messy and miserable job that is to do, but good weather (not too hot, and not too cold) was on our side and Ed and Nate got the tarring done in just a couple of days.

Because we will be using the cellar as "living space" and my new kennel area... it will be heated, which meant that we needed to insult the foundation. No sense in heating a space and having the warmth sneak to the outside. This was another tricky job, the panels are light and don't like to stay put. Even though Ed used a construction "glue"... it wasn't much help, so Tony came to the rescue with the "digger".....

I am amazed at the way he handles this big machine... it's fun to watch. He can place a huge scoop of dirt and drop it gently.... despite all the mud and the closeness... Nate and Ed could comfortably work around that big machine.....

This is the first time that I have had the chance to check out the cellar..... it's a little "hard to see", but now I have a better idea of what the walk out side will actually be like....
It all looks a bit messy right now... and there's a lot of back fill to be brought in, but I have seen this "magic" before.. and within a few days, I know we will see some big changes......

construction part 2

I think I now know where the term "dirt poor" came from..... it's expensive to buy "earth"!!!

In a matter of two days, we are now able to "walk into the cellar"....

I am quite excited about a "walk out" cellar... think of those wet doggie feet that won't have to come into the house!!!

The back yard isn't so pretty right now, but that will improve with time....

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

working on that "open mind"

So say hello to juror number 186... that's me!!! And on Monday I reported to the court with 199 other people .. yes, there are 200 of us in all. They parked us down in the basement of the court and did their best to be very kind... but, running out of coffee and not having much to do... doesn't help much. We were given paperwork to fill out... watched a pretty informative video.. and then SAT....... and sat and sat and sat. They kept us pretty much up to date... that is, whether a case was going to need a jury or not..... because if I understand this correctly, "they" (people who are in court) can decide on the date of their case.. whether they want a jury or just go with a judge.... turns out that all the cases on Monday morning, went with the judge and so FINALLY at 12:30.. they released us!!!! I don't know if it will happen that way each time or not... BUT if it does... I need to get my attitude in line.

Boy was I UGLY after that (poor Ed!!!).... it all seemed like a waste of time!!!! it was a perfect day.. I have a billion things to do, and there I sat in the basement of the building. I know I have no idea (thank you Lord) at how the court system works, nor do I understand just what it takes to do this jury thing.. I am sure it is a ton of work.. but, I can't help but think there could be a better way to do this.

I did get to talk with some folks.. even saw a dog student there... but after a couple of hours, there just isn't too much you can say to "strangers"... I brought a book (which after I started it decided I didn't like it) and I did bring some cross stitch, but have decided that isn't the easier thing... so today, I bought some "sock yarn" and when I get called back in again, I think I will work on a pair of sense in wasting time.. and THANK YOU so much Dale and Karen for showing me how to knit.... it just might be the thing that keeps me together!!!

I am on this jury duty until the end of October, and each night .. after 6:00... I have to call an 800 number to see if I need to report the next day. THIS is a real bother, because I now have to plan each day with the idea that it could change after 6:00... fortunately my private students understand all this and I make appointments with them, based on "what I find out after 6:00"......

I am very grateful that Ed is so good with the horses... (he has always been wonderful with the dogs) so I can get out in the morning and not have to run to the barn (though I had wondered if the horse smell could get me out of duty!!!!)... and I do understand that being on a jury is a very important thing... and I am physically and mentally able to serve... but I really do need to work on that "staying positive and keeping an open mind"... I am sure the Good Lord has a lesson in this somewhere.........

Friday, September 05, 2008


a little bit ago, Kas found this website called "picnik"... where you can take your photos and "play around" with them and get all sorts of different looks...

Here are a couple of shots I took of the boys and changed them up abit...

so, if you have nothing better to do with your time... check this out!!!