Friday, December 05, 2014

a visit south

Check in day for the doggies. We always opt to do one "early" check in around the holidays... with everything ahead, it's often hard to fit our usual check in time So, today we were at NEADS , working with Danny and saying hi to everyone. 
Not only can you work a "service dog", but you can do some Christmas shopping as well. All sorts of goodies, which proceeds going to all the good things that NEADS does. 
Danny thought that one of these little doggies might be a nice gift for him......... but I told him, "you need to get a red vest first!!!"
As usual, everyone comes out to say hello... I feel so special when we go. Danny is growing up and no one can believe how big and handsome he is. Course I don't see it, living with him, but I know that everyone else can. And he sure likes all the attention...
We had the chance to see Matty (one of our dogs) working on some of his advance training. It's always so nice to "run into" our puppies.  Erin says that Mattie is looking good, so we are in hopes of another graduate one day soon. 

After chatting with Dave and give him all the details from the past month (or so) at home. It's off to the city. Danny is doing so very well, and just walks along like nothing is a big deal. We managed to "catch the train" at the station..... Dave and I always have such good talks... I really look forward to these days in the city.
Because the train was on a lay over, we had the chance to do some loading and unloading work. We walked around the cars, practicing walking between the tight rows of seats, and entering and exiting the seats as well. We always say that one day, we'll actually ride the train, but so far, we have never found the time to do so. 
I have a feeling that Danny won't have too many more check ins.. Dave is liking what he sees, and I think just after the holidays, I will be getting "the call".... 

He'll be ready.... just hope I will be....

On a side note here.. as we were traveling home, I got a phone call from my Mom... my Dad has gone back into the hospital... and he's not doing all that well. Since Thanksgiving, he really hasn't improved... the days ahead are going to be hard ones, I fear.